Friday, September 11, 2015




seems I’ve been on every diet from A –Z, who hasn’t right? well any hoo, my body has decided it won’t go pass 10 lbs no mater what I do, so I decided it was time for professional help. not one of those diet places, been there  done that years ago, it did not turn out well in the end  health wise, any hoo, the Dr & I agreed  this body is getting older & it’s changing & after talking about  health issues that run in  my immediate family such as high blood pressure, diabetes, congestive heart failure, dementia , I asked if being over weight can contribute to any of those &  like I figured the answer  was yes, several times he asked what was my goal weight, my reply was to be healthy

I’m  not on this journey to see how little I can get, I want to be healthy, to have the strength to help care for my ageing parents, enjoy my grand children, this will not  be a lose weight quick journey, rather  a life long life style change, Thru will be my first weight in


I’m not sure how much I’ve lost so far, that’s what I pay the Dr for LOL! any hoo Thur will tell the tale, I haven’t missed sweets but between you & me I believe I whoop down  some Mexican & not look back! LOL!

I’ve only been on this journey for one month


1 carb

1 fruit


it makes you think about what you’re eating, like you’re allowed 1 carb a day, bread is on that list  but do you really want that bread???? toast or  a breakfast wrap etc  is good but there goes your carb if you want rice, sweet potato or pasta lol!

any hoo I can a difference little by little, today was not a good hair day so over look that lol! 2nd pic is from my photos for pattern reviews wardrobe challenge a few months back

11990660_10200893892145151_4831352612658791409_n[1] 11225450_10200893892545161_4028597402285321599_n[1]

I can really tell a difference in my pink skirt, it’s starting to look like a circle skirt like it’s supposed too!


11988544_10200878695325240_1863019718715418550_n[1] 11999079_10200878698205312_1189257792973323595_n[1]

it’s the little things! going in I inhaled a lot of watermelon, just water right? lol! I found out it turns to sugar & watermelon is a diabetics nightmare  because of the  high sugar & it wasn’t allowed lol! tomatoes turn to sugar as well as onions, this is why onions caramelize , milk is in the dairy & is allowed but did you know that if you crave milk it could be a sign of early stages of diabetes? I use to crave milk , pour  a glass & put it in the freezer & get it really cold & drink  just about not come up for air  lol ,no more! you don’t have to starve to lose weight , just make the right choices & it will become a lifestyle instead of a quick fix for that is my goal for this journey!