Saturday, September 5, 2015



in  a few days I will be three weeks into getting this body healthy, the DR. offers a B12 shot but I told him no shots! lol! I basically told him my goal is not to see how fast I can drop  the lbs. but to simply be healthy, congestive heart failure, high blood presser, diabetes, cancer, dementia all run in my immediate family & being as over weight as I am is not helping my chances , he agreed & confirmed my metabolism's outta whack, age & being menopausal factor's into weight gain, yes I needed help! lol!my next visit he may tell me the pills aren’t penetrating through the fat to take the shot ha ha ha ha ha! I hate shots! but I can tell  a difference little by little

pkskirt1   pkskirt2

this is a skirt I made for Pattern Review contest back in May, on the left is the entry picture, on the right is from last night where I was getting ready for a Ladies conference, notice how much more swing I have at the bottom of the skirt? that’s; the way the pattern intends for it to be, before I was big around as I was tall & that & my belly was taking up my swing lol!

another difference I could tell because of  the big belly issues the band  kept coming unfolded & riding up my arm pits & I was constantly folding it  back down, last night this was not an issue, it’s the little things!


this pattern is now in my TNT (tried & true) collection ,TNT patterns are those that you know will fit perfectly without any alterations,  they will never disappoint you, sew it up! wear it ! & go!