Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hello!We're glad you stopped by, this is who we are when we're not busy with grown children's grandchildren, family, church activities & so on, LOL our 1st show falls in Sept, so if you're in the Ala. area be sure to look us up at the Winfield Mule Days

here are a few things that keeps us busy, our youngest daughter gave birth to twins March 5th 2008, lots of prayers went up after doctors said there was no hope, there was talk of a hysterectomy but God came through on his promise, it even amazed the doctors that they were both a little over 6lbs, no high risk nursery was necessary, they were taken straight to the well baby nursery... ohhh don't tell me God's not good! My daughter stayed the normal 3 days, came home with babies in hand !

big sisters Hannah &Courtney with Maegan Elise & Madison Brook>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Picket said...

Hello sister..this is great! lol ( altho I was hoping you'd keep your split personality in the closet alittle longer! lol lol) Ohhhh look at the those sweet babies! Welcome to blogland sister...just have fun with it (uh...sis..give me your code words and I'll go n and fix that little spacer problem you seem to be having! lol) Catch you later!

tllollar said...

Hello Ruth (LOL). This looks great. Great to see our babies & their big sisters. Oh, good to see you and Terry too (ha! ha!)

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

What an adorable picture! So glad to have you in blogland! You'll love it!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Just popping in to let you know Sis Picket left me a comment that you want to be included in the August 8th Tea Party on our blog! Well, you're IN!!!

*rubbing eyes* *feeling coRnfuzzled&

Is your name Helen or Ruth (as tllollar seems to have called you)?

*off to re-decorating again today*


Kelli said...

Welcome to blogland, Ruth! Your blog looks wonderful and your grandchildren are beautiful!
I'm sorry to hear about the picture trouble, I'm not sure why it isn't working...hmm. I'm awful when it comes to computers! LOL I would try adding it again.
Good luck!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Helen...Thanks for the visit!! To make the Tea Party tag clickable...simply SAVE it to your pictures. And when you put it into your blog, add my website


Helen said...

just a heads up on who I really am LOL my name is "Helen," in tllollar's post you notice she calls me Ruth LOl tlollar is my pastors wife & we are the assoicates so everywhere she goes I go therefore I started calling her Naomi, & she started calling me Ruth lol so for the record I am only Ruth to her my name is HELEN LOL

Kathy said...

Beautiful girls!
Kathy (