Wednesday, April 1, 2015


one of my sewing goals for this year is to try my hand at writing a review for pattern Review, being a member over two years now I thought maybe I should try my hand at least one, the rules are you must make 4 tops / 3 bottoms/ 2 sewers choice /you may pull in one premade or purchased but it must coordinate with all the others, should know how to do a good review by the end of all that lol! six weeks for 8 sewed pieces plus one bought or premade to coordinate making 5 combos so what have you challenged yourself to lately?

Friday, March 27, 2015



have you seen all the cute ways you can make clay pot people? they’re so cute they fascinate me enough to want to make some lol! just look at this sweet couple holding hands


how about tucked away in amongst the flowers


or sitting in the garden enjoying the view


wouldn’t they just make you smile when you came out to the garden?


pretty enough for Sunday go  meetin !

clay pot people.

can you make up your mind before Santa comes?


Wednesday, March 25, 2015


another beautiful day at the house, the geese are letting me get closer, maybe they’re learning to tolerate me lol!


I went out to the house for the sole purpose to work on the sewing room, that’s hard to do when I keep going outside , Lord help me  when I get all moved in ,how will I ever get any sewing done? lol!

I folded fabric & folded more fabric lol! have you seen where you take  a quilting ruler to fold fabric?  I laid it out like you normally do for cutting


then take it & fold in 1/2 end to end & turn with folded end facing you, place ruler at the end


start folding



slide ruler out  & fold the end facing you toward the folded part


then from  right end  fold in 1/2


turn facing end toward you, you should have a smooth end


you can fold again, giving you a more square look, I choose to leave it this was because of the width of my shelves


there's more folding to be done, perhaps a weeks worth lol! then there’s all my fabrics for garment sewing, it will stay on fabric  boards, just gotta figure out how to display them in that oh so cute kind of way lol! hopefully I’ll get the sewing room done this weekend, I’ve got another metal desk to move, gotta go get a board to make a  quilt design wall, tons of more sewing stuff, mercy I can’t list it all, I never knew it’d take this long but then I’ve never had such  a big room lol!

as the day came to an end we were able to get a pair of the geese in flight which is hard to do!


Monday, March 23, 2015


“tealee” sure it’s a word, if you can spell it the it’s gotta be a word, right? lol!, hubby’s on day shift this week which means 5am comes early, he headed to work & I headed to the house, I painted all day, walked around the yard, walked the pier, sat on the deck, painted some more, chases geese to take their pictures lol!



remember the little bookcase? it got a makeover this morning


look what I found in the utility room, yep it got a makeover too!

10394518_10200299365602359_5818707955686617367_n[1]  63949_10200299496885641_2025775253634938033_n[1]

my little shelf that holds my tea pots got a makeover too!


there were much needed breaks in-between all that painting!




looks like I was falling lol!  I didn’t know my phone took this pic till I started looking at them lol!



it’s been a long but good day


&even though I’m pooped out


I can’t wait till morning! for tomorrow decorating the sewing room begins!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


blocks 09

actually the jury's been out from the beginning, I don’t think these little guys ever had a chance , perhaps I shouldn’t had researched “RAINBOW” for there’s no future of them having that rainbow flowing kind of look, perhaps it’s the homespun, I had seen on You Tube where a lady made blocks & threw them in a bag as  she made them & not look in the bag till ready to start arranging for  the quilt humm maybe this would work? outta sight outta mind lol! anyways I am adding in some yellows but still need to add more to make it work

I’ve had triangles on my mind, there’s so many possibilities with them, flying geese, chevron, stars, spools, pinwheels,a trip around the world look

over all I’ve went back & read all the encouraging comments from my Feb 21 post & if yal can still make me laugh about them there may be hope lol!

I like joyful quilters response to keep going & in the end  if I still don’t like them donate them lol! *just make them right? lol!

Magi Sue suggest withhold judgment till more blocks are made just do it! *ha guess  I do need more than 6 or so of one color lol!

gotta  love Pamela for cheering me on to keep going each month & in the end just send them to her if I still don’t like them , lol!  *ha ha either way somebody make  that quilt !

if I can laugh  about it , there’s hope for it right? the jury will reassess & come up with a verdict by next weekend lol!

Thursday, March 19, 2015



Announcing the April Challenge! | The Monthly Stitch

The Monthly Stitch’s challenge for April is PUT A BIRD ON IT! any thing that has to do with birds, any fabric that has a bird or birds on it, I may just be able to pull this one off as I have a few prints that have birds on it! so think Spring! think birds! & join in on the fun! Do you have any fun challenges you’re participating in for April?

more on projects for the sewing room, I’m thinking I may need a few embroidery hoops to make fabric hoops for a cute little sewing corner for the extra machine

(internet image)


just how cute would that be? who knew fabric & embroidery hoops could excite you so lol!


do you like the green cabinet? you can purchase it from

 I plan on getting the rest of the sewing room furniture moved this weekend, get some things painted, small projects done as well as big projects such as  a gallery wall for  my quilt blocks

(pinterest image)

Sewing Room Ideas

bring on the weekend!!!! for there is much to be done!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I’ve been coming across some cute post as to how one should dress while sewing, here all this time I was thinking sew days were  , hair up, no makeup, no bra kind of days lol!!


but upon moving where I now how neighbors that veer across the road when they see you out & people fishing around the lake has got me thinking perhaps I should rethink  my sewing attire & think what would June Cleaver wear while sewing  ha ha!


click article to enlarge


so excuse  me while I go get dressed lol!

(internet image)

I sorta feel like this is June Cleaver-ish...which makes me feel a little as if I was born in the wrong generation sometimes...

repeat over & over…………..

june cleaver -