Sunday, November 23, 2014



I could not imagine my life without my Jesus, his love for me still takes my breath away, from the biggest things to the smallest that lets me know I am his & he is mine

Saturday, November 22, 2014


It’s been a doll explosion over here for the last month & did you know I've already been asked to do another show in Dec. ? well I thought & I thought about it hummm NO! I never knew how good that word felt lol! seriously we’ve got to get back on track with home repairs  around here plus it gives me a chance to catch up on all that me sewing once I get the sewing room put back together , I have just enough time to catch up on my Monthly Stitch sewing

Current Challenge: November

I have a cape pattern that I want to give a second chance, not that it’s a hard pattern, very easy, goes together pretty quickly but is not forgiving  of the seam ripper, I had made a pink plaid cape last year & ran short on fabric of course Hancock's  was out so I thought  well the only thing to do is piece it in order to finish in time, bad choice, you cans see where it’s piece that’s where the seam ripper became my enemy, I thought  fine I’ll take the band off & add a black one, the seam ripper had other ideas for my cape, needless to say  teddy bears are in it’s future lol!


I love this pattern, it is from the Retro section & very easy to put together just make sure you have enough fabric lol!


maybe I’ll get fancy this go round & add a collar!

Monday, November 17, 2014




my daughters kitten thinks that all bags belong to her, she loves to curl up in them , I had one filled with things that just needing a little tweaking here & there like this Annie that she pulled out of my bag , we laughed so hard at how she looked like she’d just fell out lol



as you can see Annie survived Miss Lucy  lol & made the show, she was my first sale! 




my daughters table was so cute , hand painted Olaf mugs, little boy ties, bath bombs, clip boards, jewelry etc.




we both did so well we thought it only fitting to go by Bath & Body after the show, with a sale like that how could we not , we were in lotion heaven! & yes we brought  a lot of that heaven home with us lol!


now it’s time to get back to sewing, there’s  a Cardigan waiting to be finished, there lots of new fabrics that’s been added to the stash, I came across a blogger  that said she sews her muslin with a  basting stitch then takes it all out & sews it once it’s tweaked & just right as apposed to making  a muslin that can't  be taken apart resulting in making one after another, this method sounds like a good idea to me

Thursday, November 13, 2014



Little bear is worried his brother's not going to make it to the show because he can’t find him anywhere & it’s time to go! hopefully little brother can get himself together tonight after I get to my daughters then load her up then off to set up  humm that may take all night,shhhhh we don’t want to worry him lol!

Monday, November 10, 2014


I love making salad especially a good salad, it’s been a busy day of sewing anything & everything since the wee hours this morning, only three days till time to set up for my show


greens, mange rain  oranges, praline pecans, cranberries & homemade vinaigrette dressing

still a lot of rubbing to do for this gal to get her all primed up from big girls to  itty bitties I’m starting to see daylight at the end of the tunnel, they’ll be more over progress reports over at


speaking of sewing I’ve added lots of delicious fabrics to my stash & can’t wait to tie into them but for now I’ve got to get back to my doll factory lol!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014




what better inspiration to get motivated to exercise than Christmas lights & a Christmas movie, this was as far as we got on the movie,  (You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out)seriously you didn’t expect us to exercise the whole two hours? LOL!


I’m glad I opted to go to the Mall yesterday as over half were very well dressed, I had the best sales lady that helped me throw an outfit together as time was running out lol! black shell, hounds tooth jacket, black maxi skirt, pearls, matching earrings, love love love it! I know who to run to in the future for emergency's I never told her what size I needed, she just seemed  to now what size I needed & my taste just by looking at me

we took a  selfie  before we left, we’re getting better at selfies lol!


Goodrich Milestone Anniversary Dinner



Terry being presented with an award for 40 years it was a long night ( 4 &1/2 hrs) as men & women were being recognized for 15,20,25,30,35, & 40 years of service


yes indeedie saving this  little item for later was a good choice


Tuesday, November 4, 2014


as I was thinking of getting more Fall into my wardrobe, I decide to pull this pattern out which is fairly very easy to piece together but always waiting for the right fabric, the right time, you know the excuses, you know them well lol!



so I start cutting & assembling  thinking aww this will be so cute with some brown palate pants but then there is crunch time till show time yea there comes that word “excuse” lol! but seriously less than a week till my two day Christmas show  but all is well on that side of the sewing room so more on that later



but then new hope arose  for this little cardigan, a Company dinner, this should be fine right? but noooo it’s a special Milestone  Anniversary diner honoring the years they’ve put in, 40 for hubby sooo I’m thinking  I should go to the Mall?

I always dislike the unknowing with things like this, will all the other wives be all blinged out, if  I finish this ideal I was going with will I will over or under dressed? 

the dinner is tonight soooo I’m thinking I should save this for Thanksgiving & go to the Mall, what do you think?