Wednesday, April 15, 2015


after  a month of being able to get out to the house & work on the sewing room little by little it’s finally starting to look like a sewing room, maybe I’ll start calling it a studio lol!

with high walls & not just cause I’m short, they’re high! lol! before hubby went out of town he  climbed the ladder & hung shelves for my Raggedy Ann collection, after several times of me saying to the left , to the right,no take that down bla bla  I released him & told him we’ll finish it  later after his trip

aww but then yesterday  I went out to the house & my daughter came by & the rest is history!tall kids are  a good thing to have lol!

be sure to click the pictures to enlarge for a better view


we moved on to the next project, the quilt design wall!





I put up a few blocks to see if it work & they stay! yea! I didn’t want to have to cut it in half & tape it back together so rode in the back of the truck & held that insulation board  with all my might lol! yea it was worth it!


then I tried to give order back to the room, still a lot to do, there's the other side & the other end , mercy I’ve always wanted a bigger sewing room & now I’m not sure what to do with it lol!


it’s been a rainy week , good weather to work in the sewing room


I’ve been working on the kitchen as well but that’s another story! here are eight people bursting at the seams for Nanna & paw Paw to hurry & get moved in lol!


Monday, April 13, 2015


Loweezy & Elviney are charters of the Snuffy Smith comic strip in the local paper


how do you get a comic strip life-size? you have a friend who has a projector & a saw lol! we worked on this for a week, we even made the fence! then they were delivered to my sister this past Christmas , this was my gift to her gift02

she’s just now putting them out in they yard, from fear of them messing up  lol! I had to laugh when I’d seen she’d sent me  a  picture, when I asked her wasn’t their feet supposed to touch the ground? she simply replied  when the  brushes grew this summer they’d be covered up, so in a few months guess they'll look like they’re touching the ground lol!

be sure to go by Sally’s to see who's all linking up to Blue Monday over at


Sunday, April 12, 2015




sorry my java is messed up  but if you click the link it will take you straight to the video

The Story of Amazing Grace – YouTube

John Newton 1725-1807

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound...” So begins one of the most beloved hymns of all times, a staple in the hymnals of many denominations, New Britain or “45 on the top” in Sacred Harp. The author of the words was John Newton, the self-proclaimed wretch who once was lost but then was found, saved by amazing grace.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


I’m  not sure when I’ll put a dent in my fabrics & this is just for Annie's, Quilts etc., wardrobe attire is  a whole nother matter


for PR wardrobe challenge I have 3 solids & a print, 4 tops, 3-4 bottoms are in their future


I’m thinking of pulling in  a black for a pair of pants or a dress,this can be one of the bottoms or one of the sewer's choice


if I do a dress, do I make a solid, a print, a color block..  maybe make one of the tops  a color block ,oh decisions decisions lol! oh & I finally got  an insulation board to  make a quilt design wall, I tried & tried to figure out how to get one without having to cut it in half, now how bad  do you think I wanted one lol! yep I rode in the back of the truck holding it with all my might lol!now to cover it with felt & hang it

 Expanded Polystyrene Foam Board Insulation (Common: 4-ft x 8-ft; Actual: 3.875-ft x 7.875-ft)

busy busy day today, sweet great nieces 2nd birthday, move  a little more stuff to the house, hopefully finish the sewing room, patterns chosen, fabrics cut,get hubby packed for his trip, while he’s away I plan on a lot of sewing & lots of projects for the house like working on my photo wall, I like how this tutorial does the picture wrapped around

diy canvas print

and I like this technic using an extra canvas to give a textured look


and I love this, even though it’s just pictures glued to the canvas that has been painted black


so many projects, so many ideals, so many decisions in the upcoming week

Friday, April 10, 2015


the rainbow scrappy challenge over at  is into the fourth color, there’s been blue, yellow, pink, now purple , will I fall in love with my progress, will I abandon those poor little blocks & start afresh? is there hope for them in the outcome? aww only time will tell, meanwhile good ole Pinterest has some great inspiration to keep hope alive lol!




Value quilts are some of the first quilts I ever made. Most of us addicted to fabric will find this style of quilt a great display tool for your fabric stash.   Baby quilts, wall hangings, bed quil...BEAUTIFUL rainbow scrap quilt. No pattern per se, but the artist describes how she made it. Love it!Jelly roll quilt. 8 strips sewn together, squared up, and then cut at a 45 degree angle. Mix up triangle pieces and sew together for an adorable quilt.

Rainbow from scraps...beautiful!

Sewn With Grace

meanwhile finally got fabrics & patterns together for Pattern Review’s wardrobe challenge which all is over at the other house , but it’s all good as I’m going back over today, I need to get pictures of fabrics, patterns & plans to post on PR, hubby will be out of town this coming week so the plans are to sew, sew, sew, & sew some more!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


I set out to the house yesterday to work in the kitchen & the sewing room, the plan was to grab my fabric & a pattern for a dress that I’d wanted to make for Easter, the plan was going along  great, it started out with a little bird that kept landing my the mirror looking at himself, there was a deep blue one that stayed with him so I’m thinking he was a she lol! & thinking they are Blue Buntings

11080736_10200333817063624_5021938505535257038_o[1] 11124493_10200333823663789_4258389876432825016_n[1]

not long after getting  the few things unloaded, my youngest daughter & family well 1/2 of them lol  drove up, the girls informed me that this was now the vacation house & there would be lots of fishing! lol!then my oldest daughter drove up with 1/2  her crew



the geese were beautiful as ever, only this time the male didn’t like his picture being taken nor me getting close to her, notice her neck & her little belly is all swollen? humm is she about to lay eggs? any ways he let me know to stay back as he hissed & came at me lol!












they noticed the fire pit right off, marshmallow & weenie time! lol!


as the sun began to set we went to supper, “Mexican” not diet friendly lol!then it dawned on me I hadn’t gotten my fabric nor my pattern for my Easter dress, oh well can I go shopping? lol! then the girls began to talk about having Easter at the house, I was like what? we haven’t moved in yet  all I got is my sewing room & few dishes, they replied it’s ok mom we’ll pretend we’re at the park set up , eat, hide eggs, break down & go home  lol!