Tuesday, February 24, 2015


If there’s one thing we love to do is make cookies!, the older granddaughters more or less like to make them on their own but will join in on the Holidays  but the  little ones still hang in there with me lol! I had mentioned that there will be a cabinet designated  for cookie/candy/ice cream making at any given moment, this made their eyes lit up along with some wows!

so what goes in such a cabinet? Pinterest is good  for such dreams lol!

Organized Baking Supplies

just look at all those sprinkles! lol!

A whole cabinet of sprinkles and stuff for cupcakes & cake decorating!

Store Cupcake Liners in mason jarcookie cutter storage and christmas decor, fill large PartyLite glass candle holders, kitchen Christmas decor, www.partylite.biz/breannataylor

by this weekend we will hold the key in our hands & plans of many memories will begin



the owner took a few pictures of the sunrise, I can’t wait to wake up to to see this glorious sight



this will be our view every morning, we can see it from the kitchen, the sun room or having coffee on the deck, I am still so over whelmed with joy & the awesomeness of God’s blessings , his plans for me in this home are so much more than mine & I can not wait to begin this journey

Saturday, February 21, 2015


 well what could I say, I couldn’t think of a word that rhymes with happy  lol! perhaps I chose the wrong size, perhaps the wrong choice of fabrics, perhaps the wrong block style, we’re only two colors into the sew along & already I’m ready to trash um & move on, not save um cause that would make them UFO’s lol!

RSC 15


it’s enough to make you go buy fresh fabrics lol!

the pink’s just aren’t working for me


should I just keep going & see what happens in the end? should I make bigger blocks?  different blocks? maybe the word “RAINBOW” is messing me up cause I’m not visualizing  a rainbow effect lol!

the blues are starting to look like they may have a chance of taking on some kind of a pattern


maybe I didn’t give the pinks a fighting chance , after all I only made 4 lol! actually 3  , see the one with the blue? I picked the others out & added the calico


I’m driving my own self mad! lol!

I had first started a spool quilt for my new sewing room, now they make me happy! but I didn’t want to take a year to finish it but I’m starting to wonder if I should go back to my first love

has a quilt ever mad you go kind of mad?



Friday, February 20, 2015



I have talked myself into the sewing room being the first room I address upon moving, ohhh how I hope it’s as big as it is in my head lol! as I have dreams of a design  wall, a sitting area, a cutting are, yea yea dream a little dream for me…lol! since my first show will be in Nov. that’s like 8 months away I think it’s safe to pack up all doll making supplies,

this is just one side of the room so guess I need to start taking things off the wall

if you’d like to see the sewing room before I dismantle it , you can see it here  http://nannasraggedys-n-prims.blogspot.com/p/sewing-room.html

see my chair at the desk? that came from my father-n-law from an old telephone office years & years ago that went out of business he had worked at, my daughter is going to help me paint & recover it, so keep an eye out for that chair!

remember al the space “in my head” lol! I want these stackable cubbies to replace all the odd bookcases I have now all across & up the wall behind  2 long white tables for cutting , think I can do it?  I can in my head lol!

one good thing about the windows are that they’re high up which gives me plenty of wall space to work with, which “in my head” I have a wicker sitting area under them lol! so here’s  the beginning of my wish list for the sewing room

cutting tables

sewing station

Ironing station

crafting/painting station

sitting area

coffee/tea station

quilt design wall

cubby bookcases


Another ida for a crafting roomlove this sewing roomA crafting room....ahhhhhh!Smashed Peas and Carrots: My Sewing Studio Tour-The Reveal!-- so many great storage ideas!Organize Everything on the Back of a Door

in less than a week I will be able to get in there & start creating my dream room! there’s other projects throughout the house we’ll be working on like the gallery wall in the dinning room but first I guess I’d better get to packing the sewing room, my new sewing room is way bigger than the present one so my wish list doesn’t scare me! lol!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I can’t recall when the last time I just hauled off & screamed but boy  oh boy is it ever rising up in me lol! I was working on  Google last night & clicked what I thought was to have  all my photos viewed from my albums & bam! all my photos disappeared from all four blogs
I have been fighting to find  a solution all day only to find there is none as to what I can tell, I’m not about to try to repost 15 years worth of photos on 1000 or more post so…..
do I scream?
do I delete & start over?
do I not worry about it & leave as is?
do I scream?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


 the wind is blowing so hard out side it’ll blow you over & burrr is it ever cold!but yet I’m thinking of Summer zoo trips already lol!

speaking of thinking! lol!I just realized I’ll be sooooo much closer to my beloved Joann's fabrics when I move, as of now I’m a good hour & I think I’ll be around 15-20 min whoo hoo! & Hancock's & Hobby Lobby just around the corner oh my goodness!!

so back to summer thoughts, there’ll be lots of Zoo trips so I was thinking I want to make fun animal prints to wear to the zoo, whether it be maxi dress’s, skirts, capris, blouses, just fun animal prints, jungle prints, etc prints I stopped by Hancock's last night & here is my first animal print to put in my zoo attire stash!


Sunday, February 15, 2015



For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord,plans to prosper you and not to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future(Jer.29:11)


I will not be discouraged

To be sad or to cry

I refuse to be downhearted

And here's the reason why

I have a God who's mighty

Who's sovereign and supreme

I have a God who loves me

And I am on his team

He is all wise and powerful

Jesus is his name

Though everything is changeable

My God remains the same

My God knows all things happening

Beginning to the end

His presence is my comfort

He is my dearest friend

When sickness comes to weaken me

To bring my head down low

I call upon my mighty God

Into his arms I go

When circumstances threaten

To rob me of my peace

He draws me close unto his bosom

Where all my strivings cease

And when my heart melts within me

And weakness takes control

He gathers me into his arms

He sooths my heart and soul

The great "I AM" is with me

My life is in his hands

The son of the Lord is my hope

It's in his strength I stand

I refuse to be defeated

My eyes are on my God

He has promised to be with me As through this life I trod

I'm looking past all my circumstances

To Heavens throne above

My prayers have reached the heart of God

I'm resting in his love

I give God thanks in everything

My eyes are on his face

The battle's his, the victory's mine

He will help me win this race

(author unknown)

even when things doesn’t go the way we think they should, know that God is still in control and everything will go according to plan

Saturday, February 14, 2015



wishing all of you a wonderful Valentines day! I’m off to make cookies with my grandbabies, can’t keep calling them babies their fixing to turn seven! lol! & who knows I may even start packing! so far the sewing room & the kitchen are tied for first place in being moved & set up first lol!