Thursday, August 27, 2015




this is an easy & quick choice  & I don’t have to worry about the scales lol! shrimp is  your protein, pasta is your carb ,  have you noticed the word “DIET” begins with the word “DIE”there’s no need to die trying to lose weight

meanwhile, I’ve been tweaking the sewing room, I moved the wicker set to the other end of the room, loving it!, other end has issues lol! but will be straighten out soon


show time will be here before I know it, as far as I know my 2 day Christmas show will be the only one this year, I hope to get started soon as I plan  to make all new stock, just saying that makes me tired lol!

Jessie Willcox Smith

Tuesday, August 25, 2015




praying all my friends & family a blessed day in the Lord! no matter what you see around you, look for the beauty & you'll be sure to find it!

blogging is  a little slower than I’d like these days as goggle's giving me fits, we recently  had to change cable companys due to the move & since I don't have that email  Google doesn’t recognize me, I tried to reset the password, now I have  2 accounts  & it wont let me  delete it, mercy! I can still post  just can’t get into to my dashboard & work on my sidebar or add anything but all is well it’ll come together soon, if I have to pay for it lol! meanwhile we have these huge mushrooms growing in the front yard, I’ve never en any this big !

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Sunday, August 23, 2015





If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)


God Bless America has been considered by many as the unofficial national anthem. It is in most church hymnals and has been sung in Hollywood films, at sporting events, and for patriotic celebrations and demonstrations for more than 70 years. Many recording artists have included this beautiful hymn in their repertoire, including Kate Smith (1938) and Celine Dion (2002). And who can forget the memorable gathering of both Democrat and Republican congressmen and senators, following the September 11, 2001 attacks, as they joined their voices to sing as a prayer, God Bless America.

lots of History connected with this song

Thursday, August 20, 2015





there might as well been red lights flashing, sirens going off as I stood there thinking, I knew I should of pped 1st baaa haaaa haaaa but all was  well! it was over ! & I've moved on! my youngest daughter soon brought cake baaaa haaaa!!!!


it was hubbys B’day, more about Mr Potato head on my cooking blog

all is well, as after long thought out thinking & praying I’ve decided to go with medical help with this weight loss , seems like the older I get the bigger I get no matter what I do, my body refuses to go pass 10lbs, with all the health issues in my family I just want to be healthy

ok enough about that, being surrounded with geese I’ve found the perfect coffee mug & counting down the days till it gets here! happy! happy! joy! joy!



I ‘m filling the sunroom with big plants, once I get these where they go I’ll be able to see how many more I have room for lol!


the geese were partying in the front yard when we got home the other day


we’ve had a lot of rainy mornings



my love for polka dots still grows

I will either make or buy that skirt lol! although with shipping I probably could make two lol!


trying new recipes


with the Holidays coming up, the grand babies look forward to making cookies, with eight there’s no worries they’ll  eat um faster than I can think about it lol!


I noticed that my red oaks are turning green, a sure sign Fall is on it’s way regardless of these high 90’s tempts


Saturday, August 15, 2015


so many times I’d started to check this book out from our local Library,imagine my surprise when I came across it on the clearance table at our Barns-N-Nobel's book store, it’s been a while since I’ve really enjoyed reading a book, really reading it & absorbing every page, not only do you enter into the life of Elizabeth Kecley but the lives of Mary &president Lincoln, I love sewing & I love History, this book came through with both


(Internet source)

In Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, novelist Jennifer Chiaverini presents a stunning account of the friendship that blossomed between Mary Todd Lincoln and her seamstress, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Keckley, a former slave who gained her professional reputation in Washington, D.C. by outfitting the city’s elite. Keckley made history by sewing for First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln within the White House, a trusted witness to many private moments between the President and his wife, two of the most compelling figures in American history.
In March 1861, Mrs. Lincoln chose Keckley from among a number of applicants to be her personal “modiste,” responsible not only for creating the First Lady’s gowns, but also for dressing Mrs. Lincoln in the beautiful attire Keckley had fashioned. The relationship between the two women quickly evolved, as Keckley was drawn into the intimate life of the Lincoln family, supporting Mary Todd Lincoln in the loss of first her son, and then her husband to the assassination that stunned the nation and the world.
Keckley saved scraps from the dozens of gowns she made for Mrs. Lincoln, eventually piecing together a tribute known as the Mary Todd Lincoln Quilt. She also saved memories, which she fashioned into a book, Behind the Scenes: Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House. Upon its publication, Keckley’s memoir created a scandal that compelled Mary Todd Lincoln to sever all ties with her, but in the decades since, Keckley’s story has languished in the archives. In this impeccably researched, engrossing novel, Chiaverini brings history to life in rich, moving style.(less)

read more about the author here:

more about Elizabeth Keckley:!/people/elizabeth-keckley-9361611

she went on to write a book entitled behind the scenes

Cover art

Cover art

(internet source)

A vibrant social history set against the backdrop of the Antebellum south and the Civil War that recreates the lives and friendship of two exceptional women: First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln and her mulatto dressmaker, Elizabeth Keckly.

now that I’ve read Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker, these two books are a must for my Library of my many many beloved books!

I am linking this book to

Alphabeth Soup Reading Challenge 2105 

I did my 1st review!!

Women Author Reading Challenge 2015

what are you reading??????

Friday, August 14, 2015



I pray you’re having a good morning, there’s  a few bumps in the road here but regardless I am determined to have a good morning, the wind is slightly blowing across the water , the sun is rising, there’s a few geese that have scrolled through  just now waking up, birds are singing, hummingbirds are humming





no matter what life throws at us we can enjoy & savor this moment God has given us for it is through his grace & his mercy we are able to rise above those bumps in the road that come our way

Wednesday, August 12, 2015



 I know what it’s like to be hot, so hot you can’t seem to cool down, when the thermostat is registering 98 & paw paw & Nanna are just 20 min a way & a lake at that where would,you go ? lol! be sure to click the pixs for a bigger view


you put puzzles together

11224460_10200777422153474_2516848070795271671_n[1] 11811485_10200777422433481_4429574480234187172_n[1]

you doggie sit lol


you work out


you pose for pictures


you make ice cream

11846640_10200777424793540_8874085834185419823_n[1] 11222346_10200777425033546_3225848651075332233_n[1]


be sure you know where the books are


you make a strawberry short cake trifle


3 bathrooms buzzing with showers running, blow dryers humming, makeup flying towel washing , every towel in the house  everyday! lol!no vacancy's in the bedrooms, blowup mattress's to the rescue! 2 teenagers, 2 twins, 1 boy, 4 adults & I survived to blog about it! lol