Tuesday, May 19, 2015



Simplicity 1316 was used for this multicolor blouse

pr4  pr8

the fabric is a poly knit blend from Hancock's, I found the pattern true to size, although it is long enough that it can be shortened & still work nicely, I know this because I used this same pattern to make a blue & black color block blouse & the black didn’t give enough stretch to accommodate the blue so to keep from starting over I accommodated the black, cutting it to give a straight edged bottom,looks like I have on a jacket lol! there’s  a blue panel in the back as well



Polyester Knit [See other projects in this fabric]

Pattern Description:Simplicity top

Pattern Sizing: 14-18

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? yes

Were the instructions easy to follow?yes great for beginners as well

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I liked how quickly it came together & the different options it has to give

Fabric Used: knit

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: the pattern was true to size

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? yes I have also made the color block version & I would recommend this pattern to beginners as well as advanced sewers who need to make something quick with a nice outcome

Conclusion: this will become a favorite to sew as it was true to size & can be sewn in many different versions

Misses' Top with Neckline Variations

Monday, May 18, 2015




How many times do we say don't use those scissors!!!   there are fabric scissors & there are paper scissors, how do we remember the difference? find the snow man what does he remind you of? Humm Christmas? & what do we do cut at Christmas? hummm Paper!!!!! I thought of this little trick last year & bought the snowman scissors solely for cutting wrapping paper, he now stays in the sewing room for cutting patterns,what little tricks do you have to know which scissors are which? speaking of scissors, a friend of mine says she’s tired of looking for her scissors so she tied a pair to each cord of each  her machines, clever!

A sneak peek of some of what I’ve been doing




Saturday, May 16, 2015


OK  so the diets not taking it off as fast as I’d like, seriously doesn’t it know  I need 10lbs   gone  each week lol! anyways, at my grandsons birthday party I noticed how much smaller  I look behind a tree


almost like a before & after lol! all in all it’s a fun little dress from

Simplicity 4552 view A

Misses' & Plus Size Sportswear


of course I blamed it on the plaid but after looking at myself Mother’s day , wellll we can’t blame it on the plaid can we? lol!I shorten the length & there is room to tweak the sides making it look not so boxy, oh well another day another time lol!

11229555_10200448323166205_7271818167244979985_n[1]  11244924_10200448323566215_621567515837006912_n[1]

oh well it is what it is & it is a little fat right now  ha ha! it will come off again for the thousandth time in due season, meanwhile I’m finishing up all the photos  for the wardrobe collage, finished this up yesterday, I think I will wear it to my grandson’s pre school graduation today


Tuesday, May 12, 2015


 The month of may if full of events, so how much sewing can I get in-between all the excitement of


it’s not easy lol! I made  a simple shift dress for our grandson’s 5th birthday party at a local state park





hiding out in the camper lol! Ill have more pictures of my bright little dress later, all my pictures are on the camera which is at the other house

I’m finishing on some wild pants lol! for the wardrobe challenge, a little blurry, but you know where the good pictures are right? lol!


ok so I found a picture of the dress before adding the neck & arm bands to give you an idea of the colors


for made me Monday I signed up to wear at least one item a week but I’ve managed to wear 3 so far


wk. 1 :my blue floral skirt to  hubby's  company cookout


wk.2 #1 : my teal polka dotted pants  on a day out with a best friend Faye


we even stopped by Hancock's & got a little crazy lol!


wk. 2 #2 : then there was the birthday party which I made & wore my plaid shift dress


when all this sewing is done ahhhh will it ever be down? for this month that is, I’m going to get super busy finishing up quitting my Blue quilt I started with an Aunt Annibell  so many moons ago, who just recently celebrated her 90th birthday, I’m going with my Aunt Kathleen on the left, in a few weeks to visit her as well as another Aunt of mine


so that’s all I can give you for now as my pictures are on the camera which is at the other house, as well as my sewing room lol! but no worries for I’m headed there now! we will be officially moved in before you know it!

my rockers are calling! gotta get those ferns hung!








Thursday, May 7, 2015


LOL!  it’s harder than you think when I know all this is outside lol!!





Wednesday, May 6, 2015



with all my sewing equipment, fabrics  notions, I mean everything is at the other house it has forced me to be there way too much ha ha I’m no dummy why you think I moved the sewing room first? lol!I have gotten past my issues with the print I chose for the PR challenge & cut into it & made a pair of pants


4 tops have to match & coordinate with 3 bottoms & no other print will do that  leaving solids but I wont think about that this late in the game , just sew it all & be done lol!my daughter decided to come over & whip her something up for Mothers day, so we had a fun day sewing

the girls had told me  that the next trip out to the house I needed to bring  a TV & movies, so I did lol!it kept them happy & content  while we sewed


they said next trip bring a  couch lol! if I listen to them they’ll  have us moved into the house in no time!

yesterday I caught up with a dear friend & we had a blast spending the whole day  being silly & catching up, we started out  with a Chinese lunch, plus a perfect tie to wear my polka dots for made me march, cha ching!


we went by Hancock's, who says you can’t have fun in a fabric store? lol!


at the Nursing Home Carol & I met the most beautiful woman, Mrs. Georgia Chappell


 she is 97 yrs young,wow! what a History! when we enter her room we have church! she had her door wide open this morning as not to miss us when we walked by , it's not what Carol & I do at the Nursing Home but it's what God does through us & we give him all the glory!


I cut into my pink fabric using  a Vogue skirt, supposedly a simple pattern, which the pattern it’s self is but boy is it big! like tent big lol! I had read where Vogue patterns run small , not this one!there’s not much time left for hackin patterns lol! I’ve got to get speedy busy like Project Runway busy lol!

as you can guess I’m headed to the house, to sew, take pictures, hack patterns lol!oh before I go, the Blue Heron came back! he comes every time it rains!


Terry's  off this coming week, maybe  next trip we’ll bring  a couch! lol!

Sunday, May 3, 2015


song History from sharefaith.com

Id Rather Have Jesus, the Song and the Story

Composer Rhea F. Miller, Music George Beverly Shea Result in Id Rather Have Jesus

In 1922,a woman named Rhea F. Miller wrote a poem. In 1932, a copy of that poem was placed on the top of an organ in a family home in New York. Seated at the organ was a 23-year-old musician named George Beverly Shea.

Miller's poem caught young George's attention. The words on the paper rang true to the cry of his heart. And so, he set them to music. Upon hearing her son singing this testimony of commitment, George's mother came in from the kitchen, with tears in her eyes, and encouraged him to sing the new song in church the following Sunday

As the congregants listened to George's deep voice sing out I'd Rather Have Jesus, than silver and gold, little did they know that the song was destined to become one of the most well-known of all contemporary Christian songs.
A few years later, George joined forces with another young man - Evangelist Billy Graham. Together they traveled the world. Billy would preach and George would sing. His two favorite songs were How Great