Wednesday, October 8, 2014


 I had in mind of finishing up a retro dress I’ve been working on for  awhile but it just wasn’t working in my favor to get finished in time to go see my niece perform in School House Rock at the children's Theater


so I looked a round & saw a pair of pants I’d started  & decided to finish those up, then  when it’s time to head out the door I realize my blouse isn’t the color I thought it was uggggh! so I had to dig up an old blouse  that I don’t wear, iron it & just go ! lol! note to self ** when buying fabric for pants make sure I have a matching blouse or buy matching fabric to make one



and what a better ending than ice-cream at the I-Hop!

Sunday, October 5, 2014



have you noticed how many songs in the song books go unsung? This could be simply just because we’ve never heard them or perhaps do not know the melody, I often like to go through & find ones that even though we may not know how they go, they still have a good message behind them


If the spirit is knocking at the door of your heart,
Do not turn His plea away
If you heed not His wooing's,
He'll forever depart.
Then 'twill be too late to pray.
When on death's bed you're lying,
Still astray the fold,
It an awful day;
There will be no repenting at the portals of gold,
It will be too late to pray.
As you stand at the judgment,
There before the white throne,
On that great and final day;
When the life book is opened and
your deeds have been made known,
It will be too late to pray.
It will be too late to pray,
On that great and awful day,
If you're lost my friend,
When you face the end,
It will be too late to pray.

By Clyde Wright & Eugene Wright © 1932 Otis L. McCoy, owner

(source) Internet

Otis McCoy is one of the pioneering giants in Southern Gospel Music history who had an enduring impact on it as a singer, songwriter, instructor and music publisher.
McCoy had an innovative teaching style and tutored many of the industry's most well-known artists. He was certified to teach in musical theory, harmony, voice, brass instruments and composition. McCoy was also a "Sacred Harp" singer of great renown and was one of few people who could set "Shaped Note" type-setting by hand.
He sang lead for the Vaughan Radio and Vaughn Office/Saxophone Quartet. McCoy also founded the Homeland Harmony Quartet. He also initiated and managed the Tennessee Music and Printing Company, for the Church of God Publishing Company. This company was one of gospel music's leading producers of shaped-note singing instructional materials.
McCoy also wrote hundreds of gospel songs, most notably "Keep On The Firing Line" and "Heaven Bound Train."

Thursday, October 2, 2014



I feel like I’ve been around the world & back again lol! I’ve been at the Zoo again! this time with my other babies,Mattie said we had to take our pic with the zebras since I had on a zebra shirt why do they always turn their hinny's to you lol!

Take 8! Reece finally smiles lol




I had tons of sweet potatoes that needed tending to so I had  a sweet potatoes baking party with a few friends

Helen Chaffin's photo.

I made them each an Apron, I had the sweet potatoes  baked & ready,, I set up  a baking station in the kitchen, I set up  a little buffet,we watched Mom’s Night Out

Helen Chaffin's photo.

Helen Chaffin's photo.Helen Chaffin's photo.


there were three more pies but Kim shot out  with hers before I could get a picture lol! they each had their own work stations with measuring cups etc.


silly things wouldn’t use their hand towels, too pretty they said lol!


it was a great day of baking, movies, laughter, eating, more movies, more eating lol!

Did you see pillowcases  I made a  few days back for  the Children's Hospital? I really enjoy doing this  & will continue making them throughout the year as different company’s set out to meet a certain goal to send, I will be able to help several


today I’m cleaning, cutting grass, may get some sewing in, do a little more painting, I’ve decided on a color  for the sewing room & can’t wait to get on with it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014




yesterday was the first day of feeling the least like fall, it is still pretty warm here but I think Fall is going to break on through lol! here are two of my favorite  bloggers to inspire you to get into the mood for Fall

Coffee Tea Books and Me: Sunday Afternoon Tea - What makes my home a sanctuary

I’m going to jumpstart Fall by having a  sweet potatoes baking party, yea I don't know what else to call it lol! I have tons of sweet potatoes that need tending to, so I’ve invited a few friends over this weekend , we will bake pies, watch Mom’s Night Out, eat, bake more pies & just have a great time, each will go home with at least two pies & an apron , oh that reminds me I got to get to sewing lol!

how are you jump starting your Fall?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014


I thought I’d bump  this from my Sitting At His feet Blog, I had the opportunity to be able to be a part of the one million pillowcase drive, a few years back  the ladies form my church & I sewed up over 60 Christmas pillowcases for a Children's Hospital in Australia , this time of year every year donations for pillowcases for Children's cancer hospitals are popping up all over blog land as well as you tube , I came across Arrow Sewing Cabinets  a few weeks back who are gathering up pillowcases for a children's hospital in WI , they only ask for two but you can certainly make as many as you wish, as I think about how this is such a worthy & rewarding cause & one that I enjoy doing , I plan on making pillowcases throughout the year, whether I send them all to one destination or one here, three there, etc. I’m not sure but as I prepare for  next year I’ll be ready for when the needs arise , pillowcase are quick & easy to make as well as rewarding, as you sew each pillowcase & began to pray over them & to know you’ve made a difference in a child's life with something as simple a bright cherry pillowcases is very rewarding indeed!

Arrow Sewing Cabinets are one of many business’s collecting pillowcases for Canker  Children's Cancer Hospital, I came across their site a few weeks ago & am so proud to be a part of helping them gather up pillowcases(smiles) for Conkerr

Every Sept. Conkerr’s goal is 44,000 pillowcases, that’s 20 miles of smiles!   you can read more about this challenge here

this is a worthy & rewarding cause & we are proud to have been a part of helping arrow  Sewing Cabinets reach their goal for Conkerr,we pray for peace,healing& restoration for each child that lays their little heads on these pillowcases, we pray peace of mind,courage & strength for the parents& even if the answer is a no that their eyes will still be lifted up to the one whom their peace comes from




there are many business’s , websites & bloggers alike that collect pillowcases for this goal that you can send your pillowcases to or send them directly to Conkerr, there is also a download for how to make a pillowcase

a little inspiration & how to from Missouri Quilts

Thursday, September 18, 2014


actually a week and a half lol! my oldest daughter & grand daughter had an awesome opportunity to go to China on a Mission trip , so it was off to the big house with the little ones & the son-n-law for us & boy did we pack a lot into those  ten days! apple farm, peach ice cream, making cookies, not once but twice!, making aprons,  trying to jump on stilts, entertaining the new kitten 

(Emma)           (Lucy)










I was released for the weekend lol! we got to spend Sat. with my oldest daughter & two of my grandkids at the zoo, ending a perfect day at DQ for burgers & a little arm wrestling with paw paw



(Kaithlyn & Noah)


then it was back to the big house,got all those apples caned after getting the girls & Reece off to school


  • so thee you have it! this is where I’ve been for the last week or so lol! I miss sitting out on the deck every morning with my coffee, high up & looking into the woods was niceeeee, but it’s good to be home!