Monday, August 18, 2008


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you ........ oh hello, today is hubby's birthday, I'm making him a chocolate pudding cake shhhhh it's a surprise! LOL

yesterday we went & ate chinese, now we don't believe in the "cookie but we do get a good belly laugh out of some of them & this was one of them

mine: share your joys & sorrows with your family

his: you have an iron will which helps you succeed in everything

LOL I couldn't help but laugh seee we've been working in the yard & there's always something to get in the way of succeeding especially like when it rained for 2 days this past week lol but anyway back to the cookie , I try to stop laughing & I lean across the table & take him by the hand, look him in the eye & say "you are my joy but the yard is my sorrow but I know with your iron will you will help me succeed in getting it the way I want it, now we're both laughing ,people are looking but we don't care lol

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Picket said...

LOL..lordy sister...I can just see you doing that too!!!! That's why I can't go out in public with you! lol lol Happy Birthday Terry!!!! Hope you two have a great ya sis!