Friday, August 22, 2008


Oh how the week seems to go by so quickly,another show-n-tell weekend has arrived hosted by being busy with life its self, getting ready for shows, orders & now blogging lol, my "me" list seems to be getting longer you know , the list of things you say you're going to make "just for me" one of these days, lol well after having this wreath on my site, sold one on eBay it went on my "me" list" so lets get all our supplies together & make a ladybug wreath, you will need flowers of your choice, & 3 ladybugs, no ladybugs? well you can email me for a printout of the ladybug pattern

starting with the left side, I used a small yellow, a Small round fuzzy yellow, greenery & blades of
grass & small daisy like white flowers

the same effect is used on the right side, just tucking here & there to your liking, I added a
sunflower to the middle of the bottom of the wreath using the same effect of the flowers as on
the sides

ladybugs are muslin based stuffed, painted barn red, when
dry paint on black dots , dry then sand & stain, with wire cutters snip off small pieces of thin
black wire,I used floral wire,curl around to make antennas, add a touch of glue & insert through
head, wire is inserted on the bottom of the ladybug's & wired to the wreath

now hang "your" wreath & stand back & look at "your" wreath lol aren't you proud now on the
the next "me" thing on the list, we hope you enjoyed making your ladybug wreath


*grapevine wreath

*grass type greenery

*sm. greenery stems

*sm.yellow pom pom stems

*sm.goldenrod type flower stems

*sm.white daisy type flower

* 1 sunflower

* 3 muslin ladybugs

*redbarn craft paint

* black craft paint

sandpaper or sanding block

cinnamon (oppt)

sanding your lady bugs lighty & rubbing with cinnamon gives them a toned down prim look


Deb said...

Hi Nanna! I love your lady bug wreath, how clever! I noticed I had to scroll down very far to find your comments. Click on post and click on edit posts and find this post, then click on the word edit and go down to the end and delete some of your empty space and click publish. Deb

nanna said...

Thanks for stopping by Deb & thanks for telling me how to fix that I hate when that does that ! LOL

peg said...

ahhhh helen, even though you gave great direction for the wreath, lol i still prefer gettin mine from you, its still as pretty this year as it was last year when i opened the box. Had to keep it inside hanging so i can enjoy it all the time!!

Picket said...

Morning sis...Love the wreath...course I don't need to make me one, I just come over to your house and get one! lol We got everything set up at Jen's for the baby shower...oh it is so pretty...I'll see you there and wait til you taste the new chicken salad recipe I made! lol I need a new Fall wreath for the front porch kinda like we saw at Hobby Lobby with all the pumpkins and gourds and Fall leaves on it..only I want mine without that $100 price tag! lol See can't you start working on that for me! See you in a few ya!

Kelli said...

That is such a cute wreath...I love the ladybugs!

Carla said...

that is pretty, and looks pretty easy!

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

How CUTE!! Is there a pattern/template for the ladybug?