Friday, October 17, 2008


Have you had a wonderful week? We've been busy getting ready for our upcoming show, decorating for a wedding, my granddaughter's birthday at a Japanese Steak House,what a better way to relax then to tour all of the wonderful show-n-tells so be sure to visit & get in on the fun, I can remember back in the day when we had show-n-tell in school & the teacher would let you bring your favorite thing & tell about it to the class, do you remember those days, grab your favorite things, things that make you smile, make you laugh & share with the group, you'll have a great time & make new friends as well

Today I'd like to share a few of my collections

Sister (Picket) & me started a can collection back in the day, lol they are all still in mint condition, for now they sit over my washer & dryer, even though we don't collect cans anymore I have to watch sister for I have some she doesn't LOL

This is an old crock I found in an Antique shop
I knew instantly what to do with & began my search for old spoons, rolling pins etc. it lays on the bottom shelf of my country hutch in the kitchen, also decorated by sister, if you look at her pictures & look at mine, you can pretty much figure out who my decorator is LOL

Can you guess what this is, LOL sister picked it up & knew instantly what I should do with it, put this on your wall she says, do what? I said , you heard me now buy this LOL so we take this thing home & she puts one of my rolling pins on it, a potholder that I'd made back in the day, one of my antique graters & waa laa a Pickett creation! LOL have you guessed what it is yet? LOL it's the bottom of an antique garden rack & it hangs on the wall beside my hutch

When I saw this pitcher in an antique mall I knew what must be done
I must buy it & go to our local craft shop & buy those yellow flower thingys LOl

it sits on the top Shelf of a corner unit in the kitchen that displays my cookie jar collection

This is just a few of my many collections of antique buttons, they're in antique canning jars that I found from time to time antiquing, can you tell yet we love to go antiquing LOL they are in an antique Pepsi crate hung beside my hutch in the kitchen

We hope you've enjoyed today's show-n-tell, drop in any time & be sure to go by Kellis for more show-n-tell fun


Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

I think we have similar taste- I felt right at home in your pictures *U*

JanMary said...

Lovely collection, and lovely sister too!

Greetings from Ireland.

kahlanne said...

I love your collections! I love the rake the best. Very good idea! I might just "steal" it. LOL

Hootin' Anni said...

I really like the crock pot idea!

My show n tell is posted...come on over.

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Love the button collection - I have some too! Sounds like you and your sister have lots of fun together! Brilliant idea for the rake - such a great display!


Picket said...

Ohhh sis...we have had some times hadn't we?! lol My favorite is still the crock laid on it's side and that old garden rake...Have a great day at the craft show and I hope you sell everything you take! lol Love ya!

Grammy said...

What a wonderful collection. I love the whole kitchen.
Have a great week.

Smilingsal said...

My mama made a watermelon pot holder exactly like that. Happy Pink Saturday?? I'm giving away a BOX of new books. Come enter.

Carla said...

What a homey, and cozy kitchen you have!! Thank you for the closer look:)

Katie said...

Hi there! I came for Pink Saturday but that's ok, loved this post!

Susie Homemaker said...

Can I come browse in your kitchen???? What great ideas! Send Sister Picket to me please!


Beverly said...

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Your kitchen is amazing.

Kelli said...

Such cute collections and decorations! I love the cans...they look so pretty all lined up!

Constance said...

How fun! I love the whole country farmhouse theme! Maybe I need her to come over and work through my house! I have some old mason jars on top of my kitchen cabinets and they are filled with dried beans. I like the look even if no one else does!

Thanks for stopping by on Friday for S&T! It's been another hectic weekend since we are now less than 3 weeks to our youngest daughter's wedding! I am hoping that I can once again, be more timely in visiting everyone's S&T offerings when the craziness is behind me!
Happy Monday!

PS I pick up the trunk this morning! I bet your Hub was thrilled over the desk! I have an antique school desk in here right next to the computer. It has my scanner sitting on top of it! So what if it's 21st century technology on 19th century furniture!

onlymehere said...

My mom started me on collecting tins too and the top of my cabinets are covered with them. I love how you've displayed yours. I learn so much from your blog and you and Picket make the best food! I snooop over here looking for recipes!! Cindy

Nanna said...

Thanks Ladies for all the sweet comments, I will try to take you on tour to another room next week