Friday, October 3, 2008


We hope that you are enjoying show-n-tell weekend & are visiting all the wonderful sites listed over at we are in Tenn this weekend with our granddaughters, 4 under the age of 12, I know ! I know! what were we thinking LOL, after days & days of looking we finally found one that meets to every ones wants lol, Courtney 10 doesn't care where just as long as it's a cabin in the woods, Hannah 9 only wants a Foosball table, Katie 11 only wants here paw paw there LOL Ashley 11 my granddaughter to be just wants to go , just go! LOL I want a deck with rockers so papa & me can sit & watch the sun go down & .. yea I know, yea right! LOL hopefully they'll sleep long enough to have some awww with our coffee on the deck LOL & last but not least papa just wants to save money, well we know that's not gonna happen LOL

This is where we'll be staying,I may not wantta come home LOL


Karen said...

Hi Helen, you go take that much needed and FUN weekend with those darling little grandchildren.
Hug, Karen

Picket said...

Morning sis....I guess you are well on your way! Don't forget to find me a pretty treasure and be looking for those Golden Wheat dishes up there in the antique places! Take care of my nieces and have a great ya sis!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (yardsalequeen) said...

Hey Helen! I love Tennesse. We went there on a vacation back in 2006, to the Gatlinburg area and Great Smoky Mountains national was beautiful. I always say that I left a piece of my heart up there in those gorgeous smoky mountains. Hope you have a great and safe trip with your family. I hope you get lots of pics!

Beverly said...

Helen, it all sounds wonderful. I know you will treasure this special time with your family.

Maybe you'll come back with "pink" pictures. ;-)