Saturday, November 1, 2008


Pink Saturday is all about pink & you'll find all kinds of pinkness over at Beverly's at how sweet the sound, so be sure to visit to get your weekly fix of pink!

I was thinking about the color pink in general, we can find pink all over but what does pink withing its self mean, what does it symbolize etc, so I went on a pink serach lol & came up with lots of interesting things, here is something I came across in my search & found it kinda neat

AS you venture out on your search for pink beware of the pink fairy's pink dust! LOL

The shyest color and the boldest, pink has soul.
It's the color of the underside of a twilight cloud. A puff of cotton candy at a summer fair. The inside of a seashell. A baby's ear. The nose of a kitten The rose of a shy admirer. The blush of a flirt.
The promise of relief (in the guise of Pepto-Bismol).
So much more than merely a pale version of red, the color pink can be innocent or it can be sleazy, cheap as a street-bought carnation, precious as a damask rose. Both colors denote love, but while red is direct, hot and passionate, pink is flirtatious and romantic.
Pink is charming.
Artists will tell you that pink is one of the hardest colors to get right. Just a touch too much one way or another, and pink is nauseating where it might be soothing, artificial where it might be as natural as the dawn.
Pink appears in many shades: dusty rose, coral, flesh, fuchsia, blush, flush, incarnadine, rosy, salmon . . .
Pink pops up everywhere, but pop culture is particularly fond of it. From Pinky Lee to Pink Floyd to the single-named pop singer Pink to "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots," pink is pre-eminent in movies, music and more. "Pretty in Pink." Nick Drake's "Pink Moon." "Music From Big Pink." Mr. Pink from "Reservoir Dogs." The Pink Panther. The Pink Ladies. Pink Lady and Jeff. The Legendary Pink Dots. Pink Martini. The Pink Pussycat Lounge. The Pink Dot, and Pink's hot dogs. "A pink carnation and a pickup truck." Bruce Springsteen and Aretha Franklin, both riding in a pink Cadillac; John Mellencamp dreaming of little pink houses for you and me. "Under the Pink" with Tori Amos. Pink flamingos and "Pink Flamingos." "Pink," fashion legend Diana Vreeland famously proclaimed, "is the navy blue of India." And though pink cycles in and out of fashion, it never goes away.


Picket said...

Happy Pink Saturday sis...we missed you last night..I put some of the pics on the blog...Little Isabella was in her first camos! lol lol With a pink bow under her camo headband and even little pink slippers over her camo socks!!! lol The chili and cornbread was some kind of good girl...had over 150 treaters and even after the porch light was out doorbell kept ringing and Jen got my little bags of chips out of the pantry and gave them all out!! lol lol Papa put on onoe of the boys' masks and went to the door and sent one little girl screaming back to her mama! lol Oh lordy sister you should have been here...Andy had he Auburn cap on and one little treater said "I can't take no candy from an Auburn fan" Andy reach back and took it out of his bag and said "well give it back then!" lol lol The little kid said "oh that's ok I'll take it"! lol lol Have a great weekend sis!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Helen.

Great post! I've been telling you that pink is a good thing. Just look at all of these great ideas. That pink fairy is so loving you today. ;-)

kayellen said...

Happy Pink Saturday!
Nice to meet you:)
First time to join your ladies fun!


Anonymous said...

I love your post on pink today - I recently did a post on my pink kitchen to match mother's antique vase and the color turned out just right! Looking forward to your Sunday Selection!

Stephanie said...

Great Pink Post!

Happy Pink Saturday!


Helen said...

Sister * you're up early today, did you post my give away on your blog? LOL
Beverly* I think that pink fairy's going to be around for a long time LOL
Kayellen* welcome to pink saturday
Mildred* what a sweet thing to say ! thanks! I think you'll really enjoy this weeks Sunday selections
Stephanie, thanks for stopping by

everyone be sure to come back for my 1st giveaway this week

Happy To Be said...

OH helen first I have to say I love your new look girl..I have a blog now also..I come by here to get your great recipes..have a safe a great weekend..hugs and smiles Gloria

Virginia said...

Love your post.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Fifi Flowers said...

Happy Pink Saturday... ENJOY your weekend! Fifi

Patricia said...

It is intriguing just what attracts so many of us to the color pink. I really like your questions. Happy Pink Saturday to you.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Guess I've missed out on something! I didn't know you were Picket's sister...but you two look alike.

I'll add you to my blog roll..thanks for adding me!

Great Pink Saturday post!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

Love the ideas of pink. I think pink never goes out of style personally, but then I'm not always into the latest trends. :)

rosechicfriends said...

What a sweet PINK post!
Happy Pink!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you....Great pink posts ....Happy pink...Katherinellen

dana said...

RATS! You took my Pink Fairy idea! :) Truly, I do have a Pink Fairy post lined up---but I'm certain it will take a different twist than yours!

I loved all of the Pinks you mentioned--great fun reading all of that!

Happy very late Pink Saturday! Say Hi to your sister for me! Dana