Sunday, December 7, 2008


We hope that the holiday season has found you happy & blessed with God's goodness, we've had a few deaths in the family within the last few months & this will be the 1st Christmas without my mother-n-law, my father-laws sister also lost a son shortly after we lost my mother-n-law, I've lost 2 cousins within the last 3 months, but with all this God's goodness gives us strength to go on, his mercy allows us to wake up in our right minds & have one more day to give him praise, whatever is in your life this holiday season, look & see the goodness of God's mercy in your life, yes we will be sad for the loss's but will still praise him for all the blessings he has bestowed upon us, for I know what sorrow is as well as what joy is, for this Christmas as I see my mother surrounded by all her family , I will see sadness in my husbands eyes as he thinks of his mother who we buried less than a yr this day & as I think of his aunt who buried her son who's small children will wake up to their 1st Christmas without their daddy & still not completely understanding why,where ever the holidays find you I pray that you find peace & the strength to keep looking up


The Quintessential Magpie said...


My heart goes out to you all this Christmas. I well remember a year (actually two years) like that. Loving and being loved by the Lord made all the difference as I know it does for you!

Sending much love your way...



Jen said...

Out of all the people in comments at Kelli's I hit on yours...not sure why...but your message helped me. I lost my aunt in September unexpectedly...and the pain has been hard. I'm a Christian so I should understand and move on..yet I ache for her daughter and myself. I miss her badly. Thank you for your encouraging words...this holiday will be hard but with God on my side....I can get through it.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

The first Christmas without our loved ones is always the hardest; even as a Christian one's human nature just plain misses them! I still miss my dad at Christmas and he passed on 25 years ago. This year is already a hard one, as Alzheimer's required my mom to become a resident in the nursing home this year, and my oldest has become a prodigal and it's not looking like she'll be with us this year either. It's so hard.