Friday, January 16, 2009


Just to let you all know I'm still here , I've been having trouble staying on line , I'm thinking it was due to it being sooo cold in here, long story short, we had to replace our heat/air unit, we noticed it wasn't getting hot, I mean come on now if it's on 70 & you're still chattering your teeth, somethings wrong right? lOl, the 2nd cold spurt, yea we have spurts of winter here in Ala. lOl still not getting hot but can smell the propane

we finally get the company to come out, come to find out they set the new unit up to run on natural gas & we use propane, sooo it was wait some more

and wait we did, till we called & found out they never turned the order in or ordered the part, ok to keep it short I must end it now With a lot of blaa blaa blaa in between they came back & waa laa we now have heat LOL

Thanks for being so faithful to visit & leave all the sweet comments, everything will be back to normal next week & there'll be lots to share


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Please stay warm! Annie wanted me to send out a search party for you, but I assured her that if you were missing that Aunt Dot would know about it and report! ;-)

Sending bloggy love,

Sheila and Annie

Nanna said...

aww shelia you sweet thing you, LOL