Friday, January 23, 2009


It's show-n-tell time again, I'd like to show you what I did with an old garden rake & tell you that this is my 99th post today, whoo hoo I'm one away from the big 100!

A while back sister & I were out at local little antique shop when she came across these old garden rakes, she said ohh you've got to get one of these I'll show you what to do with it I look at her & say uhhhuu well it was priced $1.50, so what could I lose right lol so i take it home & starts playing in my junk, she thinks for a moment then says I know you have stuff put away somewhere lol & I do lol for hubby & me go antiquing a lot ohh you should see my bedroom oh sorry that's another show-n-tell lol anyway she places one of my antique rolling pins across the rack part, some of my antique graters, the green pot holder I actually made years ago , couldn't begin to tell you how it was so long ago lol the watermelon one I found at a yard sale for 0.25 yep just 25 cents! so there you have it one mans' junk turned into one mans treasures!

Through the years I've found old wooden spoons etc, knowing someday I'll find the perfect thing to do with them & if not sister will know, she always knows! lol have oyu figured out yet I let her do most of my decorating , she only agrees in hopes of taking home a few treasures herself, why just the other day I gave her ...oh sorry that's another show-tell, maybe she'll tell it lol must be the excitement of the 100th post getting so close lol ok where were we...oh yea the spoons lol well I did finally find the perfect thing , an old crocks, I of course had it all in the closet thinking I'd wait till I got it nice & full & put on the counter , well here comes sister when we ok she decorates my hutch & says where's that old crock & spoons, I said I don't have enough yet & she says ohh poo go get it so she steps back, she looks, she ponders, then waa laa the light bulb goes off & there we have the perfect spot for it!

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LBP said...

No how cute is that! I would have never thought of that idea.

Thanks for sharing!



Roxanna said...

Oh I love it and I still use that kind of rake around our place but now it may disappear and be found hanging in the house some where
thanks for such inspiration *Ü*

Smilingsal said...

That Dot is a creative one! How lucky are you to have a big sis like her? Now, don't go telling her that I said she was BIG! Thank you for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Day.

ceekay said...

Oh I just love all your items. And the way you have it displayed it just perfect.

ceekay said...

Oh I just love all your items. And the way you have it displayed it just perfect.

BECKY said...

You are hilarious!! I love the imaginative way your sis thinks!! Can she come to Florida and help me??? Love how you write, and thanks for the fun show and tell!

Anonymous said...

I have a rake and a rolling pin just like that....never thought of putting them together. You have a clever sister.

Linda C said...

Don't you just love sisters? I love the rake idea! So clever!!

Linda C

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Great idea! This is so cute!