Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The birthday bash you've all been waiting for LOL Megan & Madison celebrated their 1st birthday back March 5th, with one it's usually a pretty big party but with two it's more like Christmas LOL, Heatherr & I took pictures of each other in our work zones , her making the cake & me sewing the outfits, but hair pulled back, no makeup, working till the wee hours of the morning naaa you don't wantta see that LOL


Deb said...

they are sooooo cute...love their little outfits...the cake is precious...

BECKY said...

Oh such fun!! What adorable little girls, and I love, love, love their pink and brown outfits!!

And the cake is awesome!! Who made that?? I've only seen the cupcake cakes by themselves, but stacking is a great idea!!

Hope your week is shaping up nicely!!
Blessings and joy,

Nanna said...

Becky, my daughter makes all the cakes, she also made 2 seperate cupcake cakes for them to have to do as they will with & boy did they have fun with that