Friday, July 17, 2009


There always seems to be so much to do, so little time ,that we often ask, where's the "me"time LOL & often even when we think we're having that "me" time it turns out to be for something or someone else LOL like when we pick blackberries & can't wait till we make glorious lip smacking blackberry jelly , how quickly it turns into just because gifts, Christmas gifts soon as word got out that we've been picking blackberries all week, the orders have been pouring in LOL**wash & let B.B drain, spread onto cookie sheets & freeze before putting into ziplocks , this will kep them from sticking together,makes ti easy to scoop out if you have an urge to make cobblerLOL

as we were out & about yesterday, I felt a strong pull towards the fabrics lol,as I stroll down the isles ,saying to myself, got that, got that, got that LOL there it was the sweetest ole thyme looking bolt of fabric, reminded me of grandma's aprons & well you know what happened had to have it! LOL, this will be for "me" me" me'" I squealed, well at least until somebody like sister says please please please let me have it, so not a word!shhhhhh

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ksarra said...

But you KNOW you can't resist when sister asks for something! HA Better make a few!