Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We are blessed with six beautiful granddaughter's, yes all girls with no boys in site but someones talking babies so we'll see lol, 4 of our sweet girls will be with us this week, oh the plans we have for them, there's rumors of a Lu-al, a Mexican party, fun in the sun picking peaches haha,lots of surprises, will let you in on all of that later, now back to paw paw's girls, thought I'd share some paw paw moments

Kaitlyn,Hannah, Ashley, & Courtney this was when we took them all to TENN

over looking from the balacany of our glorious cabin we stayed in , we were the very 1st ones to rent it, oh glory

Kaitlyn & her paw paw

Hannah & her paw paw

Hannah, paw paw & Courtney

Courtney & kaitlyn with paw paw over looking the animals at the zoo

paw paw's gang

our latest addition,Meagan & Madison

They are talking &walking all over the place now Paw paw wouldn't trade them for all the boys in the world for they're all sugar & spice & ohhh so loveable!



Oh my...did you mention GRANDAUGHTERS? Lol....stop over and say hello to mine! Sigh....I may have to get some GRAMMY lessons from you! Happy Holiday to you all...HAVE FUN!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, Helen! They are all adorable, and look at those twins in their polka dots! Oh, they are so cute! I know you're proud!


Sheila :-)