Thursday, July 9, 2009


Back in the day when we've get in the car & drive what seemed forever to the country to my grandmothers farm, there was excitement even though we knew it would be no ordinary spend the night, they're be cows to milk, chickens to feed,eggs to gather, for this was her way of life the means to her groceries on the table,with our fast paced lives it seems that farm life has become more of a hobby for most, you will see chickens walking around the finest neighbors, horses in a nearby barn, who only gets to come out "when you're not busy"so when you come in contact with the slightest hint of farm life you squeal like a sissy girl & instantly transported back in time & there may be tears as you recall all the sweet childhood memories of grandmother's farm, so so many others I am now grown & old LOl with many things to keep me busy, grand kids, church life, family,keeper of my home ,tending to the needs of those who enter in, but once in awhile that moment comes by that blesses me with floods of memories through friends not knowing what awaits me when they ask...hey wantta help me........& that is just what happened, a friend called asking to help with a Tupperware party, I will prepare you now, yes! I decorate Tupperware party's LOL so I ask the important stuff like how many tables we got, where will we set up bla bla & I proceed to gather my table cloths, decorating & all the things to coordinate my decor, we arrive at the house & out of the corner of my eyes I notice what looks like a big ole sheep, but we must hurry & set up before the guest arrive, as I'm setting up lo & behold there's a big fenced in area way down from the house, oh glory the things I saw, I knew I must hurry for it was beginning to get dark, I quickly got it all set up to my liking , grabed my camera & sneaked out the front door & down the hill I ran oh sweet mama! there was sheep, goats big as a calf lol chickens, ohh & some laid blue eggs I kid you not, there was even a guard dog in the pin with them LOL oh the sweetness that stoo before me, as I looked back at the house I knew I must go back for after all I was "busy" & had things to do

Embrace your life for we would not be where we are if not for the grace of God,I wouldn't change anything about my life as I wear many hats from my busy life as I know there will be many more hats God has for me as I walk this journey for I am truely blessed by God & surround with friends who bless me more than they know


Picket said...

Oh sister how sweet!!!!! I remember many a happy Summer at mama Bush's house! lol I would have loved to have been with you and seen all those animals..ohhhh man that was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen, So nice to hear from you! Oh I bet all those animals were a feast for your eyes. Such fond memories of your grandma. I hope you are well and that you all enjoy a great weekend.