Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This past Sunday we had an ice cream social after church, well you know me & & my buffets LOL I had two this time, oh glory! LOL I had a BBQ buffet on one end of the room & an ice cream buffet on the other end along with a cute stand up cutout that a friend helped me create,we worked hard & after getting it all done, & walking out at 4am we were still friends & that says a lot when you blow up over 200 balloons LOL

A big thank you to Wanda who without her projector I could not of had such a glorious setup ,I found pictures on line & we pieced together the boy & girl to make a couple, & having to trace all that in a dark room then paint it oh my word! but we're still friends! LOl & the ice cream sign she enlarged onto a poster board then colored it, everyone had a great time, now to take down all those balloons LOL & print out everybodys picture behind the cutout for them


Vicki said...

My goodness, you all certainly went all out for that ice cream social. I am sure your church members appreciate it. The boy and girl cut-outs are cute. Love her poodle skirt. I am glad to hear that the ice cream social is still alive and well. Have a good rest of the week. Vicki

Baba's Special Babies said...

You worked very hard for this party..I love the drawing of the girl with her pink poodle skirt..thanks for your visit to my place today.... Baba