Sunday, August 2, 2009


This so sweet to trust in Jesus
Just to take him at his word
Just to rest upon his promise
Just to know thus saith the Lord
Jesus Jesus how I trust him
How I've proved him o'er & o'er
Jesus Jesus precious Jesus
Oh for grace to trust him more

so glad you could stop by today, we pray that all is well in your neck of the woods, it's raining here, but the birds are still singing, rain's not dampening their spirit lol & that 's the way we should be, no matter what comes our way, keep looking up & know that it will soon pass,one of my choir members is getting a lot slack from work lately & getting scheduled on Sundays, like the rain it trys to dampen her spirit but like that tree planted by the water, the power of God strengthens her to hold on, for he always comes through, as I will get to see her sweet face in the choir this morning as she is off after a long time of having to work Sundays & a double plus , it's her birthday! whoo hoo, her daughter had called me the other day talking about having a surprised party for her & asked if I'd bring my pretty dishes LOL & decorate, well you know thatt puts me in my element LOl so I started planing &drawing out little layouts lol ohh was she ever surprised when she walked through that door !

Raymond & Freedie


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