Saturday, January 2, 2010


Can you believe we are embarking upon another wonderful year that God has given us to embrace his goodness & to praise him?What are you plans for the New Year? do you want to draw closer to God than ever before,embrace his mighty power as it is shown all around you?I have many fresh new ideas for 2011 concerning my ministry,I have closed my business site & working towards opening a ministry blog,not only do I want more of God in 2011 but I want to give him more of me as well,will you draw closer to him than ever before, will you be completely sold out to him ? let this song be your prayer to him as you embrace his goodness & draw closer to him in 2011

I've noticed a lot of sites coming up with the 21 Day Daniel Fast,what a great way to start off the New year, you can research the 21 day Daniel fast by typing it into your search bar
From the page of
A Whole Body Experience
The Daniel Fast is experienced by all three parts of us and brings health to those parts. As a spiritual exercise, we turn our attention to spiritual truths. In doing so, our spirits become stronger. Our spirits are fed from the Word of God. So during the Daniel Fast, many will give extra food to their spirits by increasing the time and attention they give to God's Word.

another good resource I came across is

I have a lunch date this week with my pastors wife to discuss new ideals for the ladies ministries,new ideas for the chior, there's talk of putting our church services on U-Tube, oh my taklk about can't have no more bad hair days LOL LOL, I pray that you are excited about the NewYear as I am for I want to sit at his feet more , we have a new addition to the family this year, little Noah, this year was his first Christmas,at 5 mo. he was alert & soaking it all in, God has blessed us with six grandaughters & one grandson which makes 7 grandchildren & I tell all three of my children there's always room for more lol!

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