Tuesday, March 16, 2010


While visiting Pat over at Front Porch Musing, I came across an interesting sandwich she had posted, corn beef & cabbage, well I knew what that was but in a sandwich? well it looked good sometimes we've got to think outside the box & try new things LOL so I did & it turned out to be a keeper! here's what you'll need


corn beef(sliced thin from the deli)

Larraine cheese(I used the Swiss with the holes)

shredded cabbage(found in the produce)

Cole slaw dressing(found in the dressing isle)


mix Cole slaw dressing to shredded cabbage to taste( a little goes a long way)

add a thick layer of corn beef, Cole slaw mixture, cheese, then repeat layers

melt butter in skillet & grill sandwich

the second time I made this I used just 1/2 stick of butter & it did fine, I used a spatula & my other hand to turn it as it is big! LOL

here it is after it's all grilled

I cut it at an angle & added chips & we were all set to try this new sandwich, of course hubby kept asking where's the sour kraut LOL he said Rubens are supposed to have kraut LOL I told him it's on there, it's just not cooked LOL LOL

& so we have the final results

For more great recipes be sure to visit Lisa & Lana over at http://blessedwithgrace.blogspot.com/ where you'll find links to a lot of yummy things that will tempt your tummy & remember to think outside the box & try something new, you may just find it'll be a keeper for the recipe box!


Sarah said...

YUMMMMMM! I love grilled sandwiches and this filling combo looks great :)

Lynn said...

Nanna, this sandwich looks and sounds so delish! I will definately be giving it a try real soon!!


Tiffanee said...

This looks so delicious!!

Sherry said...

Oh, wow! This looks divine! :D