Saturday, April 10, 2010


Welcome! we're so glad you stopped by, today is pink Saturday which is hosted by Beverly over at be sure to go by & say hello & visit ll the wonderful participants who are sharing their love of pink today, this week I'd like to share my new jammies, for you see I'm going on a trip LOL, a few of the ladies from church & me are heading out in the morning (Fri) to a Ladies conference in Loxley Ala. but will be back Sat. night to visit all the sweet pinkies out there & hopefully get pictures up for Sunday selections of our trip

I will be bunking with my pastor's wife who is hot natured, so I'm ready with my yummy cherry pj's LOL they're a light flannel just heavy enough to get the chill off but not too heavy, they have red & pink cheeries all over them & the tiop is trimed in red, the lighting is making them all look pink LOL
this is where we'll be this weekend, so it's early to rise,we'll stop in Mississippi for breakfast, then check into the hotel when we get there, maybe a little scouting the area with a little shopping before service starts Fri. night
notice the ad is pink? LOL

now, something to keep you laughing till I get home LOL, my daughters decided we need to bond & take a painting class at Sips & Strokes, they say you can paint a picture in 2 hrs, yea yea that's what they say LOL well we decided to do the funky tree, how hard can drawing a tree be with circles on it right? well let me tell you not being a painter I found out that I can't draw a tree limb with a paintbrush LOL but we had fun laughing at each other trying to paint one, we decide we'll try to pick a class once a month that we all three like & think we can do LOL
if the next class adventure turns out anything like this tree, I definatly will stick to sewing, for that I know how to do! lol