Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Looks like a good year for our fruit this year, everything is loaded down & I do believe the birds have marked their calendars for they are singing just a little too happy these days LOL

The grapes are happy this year, we started off with about three little sprigs from my father-n-laws plants,& now are growing like crazy ,they are the dark concord grapes & make the best jelly!

the fig bush was here when we moved her 20 years ago, the neighbor told us it was a Japanese fig, the get the size of a golf ball, no kidding! just look at the size of those leaves! if the birds don't get them I' ll get a picture when they get bigger LOL

Blue berries! Blueberries!these will get the size of a dime , they've gotten so big through the years they desperately need moving, they are loaded down this year,

the sweet smell of Honeysuckle is every where

We have Mimosas, & yes they are pretty but not when they take over the yard LoL

my Lillie's are so thick, there's at least 30 to a cluster, way too many, sooo guess what I'll be doing soon LOL these are more pink/yellow than what's showing in the picture & on futher down is a variety of different colors

I forget what these bushes are called, I got them from my mom a few years ago & have been babying them for the last five years or so, they will be full of thick white blooms soon

I hope I will be able to get to everything before the birds do this year, they are smart! a few years a go we were getting in the car headed toward town when we noticed the grapes were ripe, humm gotta pick those as soon as we get back, we wouldn't you know it! a little birdie set out to tell all his friends LOL there wasn't one grape left when we got back & we weren't gone longer than an hour, no kidding! LOL


Elaine said...

Love your signs of spring.. My late husband and I once owned three acres of blueberries. That was work..but we had all the berries we wanted to eat and bake with.

Cranberry Morning said...

Your grapes and blueberries are so promising! And figs!! I had one blueberry bush and it winter killed. Then I bought six more last spring and only two survived. Unwilling to give up, I bought a few more this spring. I've got them in a fenced-in garden now and we've had a ton of rain. They're looking great. Helps not to have the bunny competition.
Enjoy your wonderful fruit!!