Friday, October 8, 2010


seems like it was just yesterday little Noah was born, he never miss's a thing now, always looking around, starting to coo & trying to talk, he's probably asking where's the other boys LOl he's the frist grandson of six grand daughters lol

and I wonder who taught him this LOL

The twins Meagan & Madison are growing too they are so funny, I always get a hi Nanna, sometimes a hug when I enter the door but then it's "where's Paw paw" LOL yep they are paw paw's girls

Ashly & Kaitlyn are at that stage where it's not cool to hug in front of their friends LOL but yet around Paw paw they melt like butter LOL

Counrtney started High School this year, where goes the time go that makes three in the early stages of High School, whew! Hannah(L) is right behind them, hopefully the twins & little Noah will keep us young LOL

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Michelle said...

Time goes by so fast.
It's hard to believe our youngest is in 10th grade this year.

Your pictures are precious.