Monday, January 31, 2011


Bible in 90 days challenge is hosted by Any @ we are entering into week 5
today's reading is from( 1Chor.1:1-1Chr.9:44)
these nine chapters records the genealogies, it is full of History,marriages,births,deaths,how wars were formed,won defeated,the makings of tribes,sacrifices,birthrights etc.
most skip through all the who begot who's but if you take time to absorb each verse & really look you'll see blessings, promises, prayers & so much more such as in chapter 4 verse 10 when Jabez ask God to enlarge his tent, in our walk with the Lord we should always be waiting our tents enlarged meaning going deeper with God, continually growing spiritually
in chapter 5 what horrible thing did Reuben do to lose his birth right?
there's a lot in between all the begets so don't be so quick to jump over them

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