Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Bible in 90 days is hosted by Amy @ Mom's Tool Box
http://momstoolbox.com/ be sure to check in weekly & don't forget to check in with your group leader as well, sometimes we meet on twitter, I've yet to make that lol but hopefully I'll get in on that next time,can you believe this is week three? we will cover Genesis to Revelation in 90 days
the word rest comes to my mind this week, we all could use some of that couldn't we, in Genesis we find that on that seventh day God rested (Gen.2:2)in the middle you'll find you can rest in Jesus, knowing whatever comes your way you can find peace because God is able to supply all of your needs ,(Matt.11:28)in the end we find rest from your labors (Rev.14:13)
the act or state of ceasing from work,activity,or motion
Peace,ease or refreshment from sleeping
notice how the dictionary connects the word rest with peace, all through God's word he tells us if we will rest in him,he will will give us peace

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