Monday, January 3, 2011


Today is the beginning of the 90 day Bible challenge, hosted by Amy @
there;s still time to join in, as you check the site you'll discover a printable daily scripture page, check in page, tweet, face book etc. the amount of verse per day may seem a bit over whelming but I encourage you to read at your own pace & what works for you, I was so close toward the end of the challenge last year when life stepped in the way, I under went gallbladder surgery but did not get the privilege of the check in check out service lol but landed in ICU for a few days & close to a weekly stay in the hospital
this year I plan a different approach just in case life steps in with asurprise lol, you will notice on the list there are chapters for each day, whether you read one three or ten it all comes out in the wash as they say as long as you reach your goal of all by the next check in time, I'm going to place a bookmark at the beginning & one at the end, I'm believing that this was I wont become overwhelmed with how many chapters, the stress of not reading the whole days worth ,times when life gets in the way & with 7 grand babies somethings bond to happen lol but knowing that as long as I reach that bookmark at the end I will have made it to the next week
day 1.....Gen 1:-------Gen.16:16
day 2....Gen 17:1-----Gen.28:19
day 3....Gen 28:20---Gen40:11
day 4....Gen 40:12---.Gen50:26
day 5....Ex 1:1--------Ex 15:18
day 6....Ex 15:19-----Ex 28:43
day 7....Ex 29:1------Ex 40:38
what a great way to start off the New Year, as we begin in that first chapter ...IN THE BEGINNING...... and as we continue this journey together , you'll discover God in the beginning in the middle , as well as at the end of the challenge as he says in his word I AM AL'PHA AND OMEGA THE BEGINNING AND THE END(Rev.1:8)


The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is such a neat idea, Helen. I'm proud of you for doing it.


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen. Just saying hi from the Reading the Bible in 90 day challenge. Wow, you definitely have a plan. Life does get in the way - this is suppose to be fun and a relaxing not stressful challenge let us not feel guilty for not meeting a specified goal.

It is good to challenge ourselves but not to dip ourselves in guilt.