Tuesday, February 15, 2011


FRIEND: a person whom one knows,likes & trust; one who supports

FAITHFUL; firm & unchanging in attachment to a person,worthy of trust or being reliable
do either of these words describe your friends, can you say they describe you? I am thankful for good faithful & reliable friends, those are the ones I know will touch God for me when I'm not feeling my best,this past week I've literally been asleep in hubby's recliner trying to shake a cough that threw me for a loop & am just now getting all three blogs updated so be sure to go by each one to catch up on all the updates

just as these words describe my friends I pray that they describe me to them as now I stand in the gap for a dear friend in the church as her grand daughter undergoes surgery this week,even with all her worry she took time to pray & touch the hem of his garment for me & now I am touching it for her, waiting rooms can be a cold & lonely place but because of good friends I will be able to be there to listen ,to bear a shoulder to cry on, to believe with, to bring laughter to ease the worry

I would like to call on all the prayer warriors out there to sometime during the day lift up my friend Debbie

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Picket said...

Hey sister...I agree with you in prayer for Debbie and her family...according to His word...love you sis.