Thursday, April 21, 2011


are you organized or do you want to be organized resulting in procrastination? what about all those unfinished projects, there's not enough paper to list mine LOL, my sewing room wellllllll I wont go there just yet LOL but as I was pondering on how much is need to be done, & where to start it all ohhh my if I could just end it but then I realized it's gotta be finished before the madness can be ended LOL, & in the middle of it all I wantta tweak every room in my home, go figure!! LOL !my life is a happy one I wouldn't change a thing, I stay busy going too & fro, just in this upcoming month I have 2 weddings, a mother daughter tea & a conference to organize , set up, decorate whew! where did my "me time" go? LOL
are we unorganized because we procrastinate, or do we procrastinate because we're unorganized? are the two one in the same? which ever the case I hope you enjoy these tidbits I came across on line

Procrastination: by Kit McCallum
Yesterday, I said I would
Until the time had passed,
And now today, I see my list
Of never-ending tasks.

Why so, I ask myself, did I
Put off that task at hand?
For yesterday has added to
My ever-growing plans,

Of things I say I will attend,
Accomplish or provide;
Seems every day I put if off -
It multiplies in size.

A simple job if given
My devotion for a time;
Would surely have resolved itself
And eased my worried mind.

However, due to circumstance,
As always is the case;
I had no time to spend that day …
I had no time to waste.

For yesterday, I worked on
All the tasks I had delayed,
From days before when I would say
I have no time today.

You see, tomorrow’s easier
To say that I will vow,
To catch up on the overload,
And yet - I wonder how?

‘Tis easier to play the part
Of victim in this case,
And be the martyr ever-more
I have no time to waste.

FlyLady's Crisis Cleaning 101
GO GET DRESSED ALL THE WAY TO SHOES, HAIR FIXED AND FACE MOISTURIZED OR MAKEUP PUT ON. DON'T QUESTION ME ON THIS. JUST DO IT NOW. Put on some good working music. Not too fast, just slow and steady. peppy, but not aerobic. Light a candle that has a good scent or put on some spices on to boil on a very low heat.

We are going to start in our kitchens. As the kitchen goes, so does the rest of the house.
Set a timer and spend 15 minutes in the kitchen. If your sink is not clean and shiny, then shine it first, then you can fill the sink up with hot soapy water and start to clear off the left and right counters. Empty the dishwasher, When the timer goes off. Stop what you are doing and go to the living room.

Set the timer again and do 15 minutes cleaning off the coffee tables or picking up toys or newpapers. Concentrate on one thing. Not all of it. Get a laundry basket and put the things that don't belong in the living room in the basket. Take a garbage bag with you too. Start throwing away the trash. Don't get caught up in the guilt we have about recycling this stuff. Just bag it up for now. As you get your home in order there will be plenty of time to recycle. For now we are focusing on getting the home presentable. You can't do this if you are hyperfocusing on sorting and recycling. So get over this perfectionism attitude. When the timer goes off, head back to the kitchen.

In the kitchen set the timer for 15 more minutes, continue to work on clearing the counters. DO NOT GET SIDETRACKED AND WANT TO CLEAN OUT A CABINET. WE ARE DOING ONLY SURFACE CLEANING.

Now take a break and walk around and look at what you have accomplished in just 45 minutes. Set the timer for 15 minutes and drink a cup of tea or coffee or whatever you love and just relax. When the timer goes off. You are back in work mode for 15 more minutes.

This 15 minute session is in the bathroom. Clean the bathroom sink first, swish the toilet, then pick up towels and dirty clothes and put them in the hamper. DO NOT GET SIDETRACKED AND START A LOAD OF LAUNDRY. I MEAN THIS. LAUNDRY WILL COME LATER!

When the timer goes off, you are back in the kitchen. For 15 more minutes. We can do anything in 15 minutes. Keep working till the timer goes off. Then you go to the living room once again.

In the living room, continue to pick up and put away.

Every 45 minutes take a 15 minute break. Do you understand this?
Adapt this schedule to fit your physical limitations and children's needs. But you get the picture. Stay focused on one job for 15 minutes. You are going to be so surprised at how much you get done in a day's time.

My timer is my best friend.
You can do this. Now turn off the computer and get to work!



I love this post... I read it but can't get away from computer to go to the " kitchen" and 15 minutes don't work for me...


Nanna said...

lol I was thinking of trying this tomarrow but then if I clear the counters off, & take out what doesn't belong,where does it go? & how will that effect the 15 min time limit on the place where you put it LOL LOL