Friday, June 3, 2011


the tweaking that is LOL LOL this project is leading into one project into another, will there be light at the end of this tunnel LOL I'm not happy with how light the color turned out but I believe I can live with it & be free to pursue other projects throughout the house lol along with the wall paper came the paper on the paneled board, twice the work, twice the mess

well I got through it , all wall paper is gone , all painting is complete, whew! this corner went from this to this:

remember when I had the kitchen all tweaked & pretty lol it was an after thought to peel the wall paper off, kinda did this project backwards lol trust me I will think long & hard about the beginning of the next project , oh did you miss that post?LOL

I was liking the white I really was & still do was even thinking of taking the cabinet doors off & displaying my white dish & antique milk glass collection but there was the ..."where to put the crocks now" soooooo back they went lol & here's where are are in this corner now

the other end of the kitchen is not wanting to blend with my country prim look but I will not be defeated lol getting it back to the pretty stage is victory enough for me for now, after hanging my collection over the table, chair back drapes (really not sure what to call them) lol so you'll have to wait to see the picture,thinking of makign a window treatment to match the table runner & chair back thingys, then mop the floor, wash the rugs, blow the dust off & I'm done! in the kitchen that is! LOL LOL

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