Thursday, September 29, 2011


Welcome to 12 weeks of Christmas Cookies

I had shared this recipe a few years ago & thought it’d be a great  start to the 12 weeks of Christmas cookies, they're super simple & really do taste like butterfingers



triscuit crackers

peanut butter

choc.almond bark

spread peanut butter between 2 triscuits

dip in choc bark, lay on wax or foil lined cookie sheet

I dipped them out with a fork & shook off excess choc. then shaved the edges with a knife after they cooled to give a cleaner look

Be sure to get in on the fun of 12 weeks of Christmas cookies , how will we ever make them all LOL

12 weeks of Christmas cookies is hosted by:

Meal Panning Magic


Shelley said...

My boys are going to love you! I'll be making these soon. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment!

PS I'm a Nana too... but my grandbabies changed it to 'Nan' when they started talking :)

Erin said...

These look great! Thanks for sharing!!!

Pam @ From Apples To Zucchini said...

My Mom always dd with with Ritz and it tasted like girl scout Tagalongs - I've never thought about triscuits and am totally going to have to try them! Great to be baking along with you this year!

Marilyn said...

Yummy!! These look amazing..Great photo's as well.. love it.. I would LOVE for you to link it up to my fall crawl blog party.. I'm officially following ya with smiles - I found ya on linky..GREAT blog with Lots of inspirations here :)) - the link to link up is

Trisha said...

These look great. I love how simple they are to put together.

Michelle said...

Is it really only 12 weeks til Christmas?
A group of ladies at our church get together for a cookie exchange. I am so looking forward to it.

Kalyan said...

Just mouthwatering...looks delicious!

The Poet Herself said...

Easy AND they taste like Butterfingers? Sounds like a winner! Thanks for sharing them!