Sunday, November 6, 2011


PASTOR APPREICIATION DAY pianoToday is Pastor appreciation day, there will be a great time of fellowship with a surprise guest speaker, special singing, the choirs been working  on for weeks, good food afterwards, today we share our love for our Pastor & his family

He walks in the footprints of God
His shoes are greatly worn
From the time he was a child
Heaven knew a pastor had been born
A new church to be founded
Empty pews to be filled
Lost souls to be saved
A humble man to do his will
He walks in the footprints of God
Choosing the straight and narrow
He cares not for his own glory
He is content in the Master's shadow
So he lifts his hands in praise
Falls to his knees in prayer
Embraces every opportunity
The Lord's words to share
He walks in the footprints of God
Heaven's doors his destination
Never minding the unpaved roads
That lead to eternal creation.

Lisa J. Brown

A Pastor's Heart

A pastor’s heart is Protective
and guards his flock from Satan’s snares.

A pastor’s heart is Attentive
and seeks to know his people’s cares.

A pastor’s heart is Sacrificial
and for his sheep will give its all.

A pastor’s heart is Tender
and listens to the Spirit’s call.

A pastor’s heart is Obedient
and heeds the Master’s commands.

A pastor’s heart is Reflective
and considers he is but a man.

Deanna Malawy
Okawville, Illinois, USA


I love both poems so I think I shall combine the two & make them flow into one

Pastor Bill & Teresa Lollorchurch04

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

I think you did a great job. Happy Sunday, Helen! I'm home laid up after a fall, but I'm feeling better. :-)