Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hard to believe, Christmas is less than  two days away, this year really doesn’t seem like Christmas to me this year, we’re still dealing with clean up from the tornado so the outside didn’t get decorated, no need lighting up that mess LOL but there’s been much love & getting together with family , not to mention all the birthdays in this month,
we’re so blessed to still be able to come together with family , we had Christmas with the kids  & grand kids this past weekend,
Christmas day we’ll all gather over at my sisters (Picket) upon cleaning & doing around I came across some love letters, yea that’s right! love letters LOL from way way back when we were dating & I was staying with my sister when they were living in Louisiana, we thought they had been ruined by the storm as there's or should I say “was” a lot of things stored in the shed so Christmas Eve we will sit in the middle of the bed & read to each other & laugh at things we said 36 years ago LOL 
the New Year is fast approaching & already I see new adventures coming our way, lots of new ideas for the house, new traditions  with family & grand kids where ever the New Year takes you be sure to take Christ with you & remember that Jesus is the reason for the season believe16

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