Saturday, January 7, 2012



yes this is the culprit for the snowflake mishaps , that’s my story & I’m sticking to it LOL ,my daughter tells me if I’ll use a icing bag & tip I’ll get great results so I’ll give them one more chance as it gets closer to Christmas, pretty or ugly they taste & eat the same LOL


some I dipped in melted chocolate chips & sprinkled pecans…too many pecans lol, hubby like plain ole sugar cookies so some didn’t have to go through the embarrassment    the others did lol cookieredo02 now who’s going to eat all this cookies ,we’re supposed to start eating more healthy come Monday LOL!

with the fun of cookies I also started working on  my blogs some more, did you notice the backgrounds have changed? check out the new things on the sidebars, there’s lots of new things to get involved in

I also went & got my book Made To Crave ,one of the things I’ll be getting into over at  my blog Sitting At His Feet ,be sure to comment of your thoughts of the giveaway ideas

I’m into  some new things over at my blog Nannas Raggedys-N-Prims

still working around tornado damage but all is well!we’ve got to get ready for a plumber to come in & an electrician, you know how they like to look in cabinets LOL! so guess today will be clean out  cabinet day  & regular hum drum domestic work LOL!

in the thinking possess, there is  a need to go get boxes so I can box up the sewing room, oops who just sighed LOL it’s only so I can paint & move things in to create a better functioning  room LOL!plus there’s 2 walk in closets in that room & it has to be empty to empty them out, one is full of sewing the other our stuff combined, I am going to turn them into a his/hers closet would you like to see my eye candy picture  for his closet?

Mens closet

ohhh I can’t wait! this excites me more than redoing the sewing room LOL!

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Deanna said...

i will have to try dipping sugar cookies in melted chocolate with pecans. Awesome!