Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Are  you getting off to a good start for the New Year? we’re going through one room at a time, complete overhaul, paint, rearrange, organize, fluff, cull out,one room down & eight to go, whew!  good thing I have a small house LOL

the whole month of Jan is dedicated to the sewing room, yea there’s that much stuff in there LOL I want it to where I can have friends over & have sewing days, I “want”  a couch in there, a table, bookcases  humm we shall see how that turns out but one thing for sure ! those dark yellow walls has got to go ,LOL

since the rooms are kinda small I’m thinking all rooms toward the front of the house need to flow with the same color, yea I know! that’s a lot of paint! LOL upon entering the back door you face the kitchen, a room to the left & bathroom to the right & living room straight ahead past the kitchen, my neighbor calls it a shotgun house  cause you can stand at the back door & shoot out  the front door LOL off to the left of the kitchen is  a bed room & sewing room & off to the left of the living room  is  a bed room & another  we use for the office so I’m thinking all the rooms you ca see from entering the back door  need to be one color, this should keep me busy for a while LOL

then there’s those “just for me” projects to catch up on LOL

today I am working on cleaning up the sidebars on my blogs, deciding on new backgrounds

and last but not least, trying to redeem myself from those pitiful snowflake cookies I made Christmas LOL! the oven’s hot & the dough’s chilled & I just realized I didn’t leave out enough flour to keep the rolling pin from sticking, so guess it’s to the kitchen to turn  off the oven  & to the store for a bag of flour, if I didn’t know better I’d think those cookies are trying to get the best of me again LOL!

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