Wednesday, February 8, 2012


here we go with interest again lol , really been cutting back on my pinterst , the best thing is not to go there when there’s work to be done lol but I have made some fantastic recipes, made some amazing crafts & found  lots of pictures that make me long for Spring, like I’ve got time to play in the yard yea right! lol! last year hubby ran over the hose pipe with the mower so maybe I’ll have time to do this

How awesome is this? A garden hose wreath!  How cute would this be on a garden fence or on the door to a garage or potting shed?

I’ve had this picture in my fav’s for a at least 2 years perhaps this year I will actually do it,for I have a little house about this size lol

This is so cute....

did you know you can make dragon flies out of old ceiling fan blades & table legs

fan blades, table legs...  awesome!

perhaps this will be the year there is hope for the yard , we’re still clearing & cleaning up from  the tornado, whether the yard gets  any pretty this year or not that’s ok for we are blessed with life & family & grand kids that keep us busy & little ones that keep us laughing


he would let go & balance that plate on his head but every time my daughter got the camera he’d grab hold of it lol

403184_2919849748049_1014935845_32880296_469479556_n[1]what ever your dreams, your hopes, your plans are for the Spring/Summer justBE THANKFUL!




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