Wednesday, March 28, 2012


not enough milk for cereal he says, gotta have it for at least enough for  2 cups of coffee, how about pancakes he says, I say no syrup, humm how about some eggs he says, I say humm  naaa you don’t want just plain ole eggs, lots of jelly for toast but no bread, later he hears the oven timer go off, comes in the kitchen & says what ya doing? I say making breakfast , I’ll bring it to you in  a minute lol, ding! times up!cookie17

he says but I wanted eggs, I say yea! there’re in there! LOL! & we both say, it’s time to go to the store! LOL!





Maurine Huffines said...

sounds like Maurine's cupboard.. or
"Old Mother Hubbards"/
yep... time to go to Wally's but don't get sidetracked in the fabric department... and forget the groceries..LOL

Prims and Annies said...

I will take cookies for breakfast any day...with a cup of coffee..yum