Friday, March 2, 2012


This past weekend we went to Tenn.. & hit  some great Antiquing mallsThe Knitting Mill today, during a visit by a 1930's Touring Car Club!this place was so huge, you couldn’t se the end of the row & there were 5 rows that went every which way lol but I did get a few treasures for the sewing room, love this red gingham apron with the chicken scratch  stitches & more spools to add to my collection my friend Maurine gave me treasures01we also stopped in at a quilt shop up around the mountains & ohh what a blessing I got there , I was upstairs surround by all these glorious hand made quilts & pillow shams etc, when I saw a “sale” sign, I thought humm a sham might be cute to use as a pillow in my recliner in the sewing room, then I see it!nooo this can’t be true, it’s way to pretty to be $9.99, I lay it down but keep going back to it then up the stairs came a lady who says I’ve seen you pick & put down & I told the lady at the front to let you have it at that price …….it is one of the $79 shams to goes to a set downstairs, I say well I’m good with that & put it down, she puts it back in my hand & says noo you’ll have it at $9.99, I say nooo if someone put the wrong price on it I’m good with that I truly am lol she says nooo I am the owner & I say you’ll have it at $9.99, I  smile & say well I’ll fix that , I wont buy it, she turns & says oh yes you will ! because you love it & I said so lol friends is God good or what!sooooo do you wantta see it or wait till it’s displayed in the chair ever so sweetly, hummmm ok!treasures02 look at the sweet details & the sweet edging


have you seen my “just for me projects I’ve been making for the sewing room

I’m still working on the kitchen , you never know how much stuff grows in there till you start emptying cabinets lol!

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