Monday, April 30, 2012


last week I stayed at my daughters with my granddaughters while they took the twins Madison & Megan to Disney World369110_100000657008684_53209169_n[1] our first night we conquered paper flowers, it looked so easy on pinterest ~lol~


we finally gave up & made smaller ones which wasn't half bad ~loL~sit05 for supper when I pulled out the white plates, I got a a “Nanna! we use those for Christmas, oh mercy how funny especially when Hannah ask why & not paper plates,my response was “because there’s no one here to tell us we can’t ha!


& of course there had to be ice cream floats to make it even more special



Deanna said...

Dear Nana,
Sounds like a great time!
My Grandma use to make flowers out of tissues. I still remember her bedroom that had her creations all over the place. Very good memory to recall.
Shine on and have a sweet sweet spring,

nancy huggins said...

Sounds like fun and as they say "Out of the mouth of babes" huh? I am a Nana also..kind of fun sometimes