Thursday, April 12, 2012



will there ever come a day where they’ll be nothing to do but rest & relax? LOLwell that’s nowhere in sight soon ,if you are keeping up with my blog

you see that we now have over 100 dresses ready for shipping to  little dresses for Africa, a full day of cutting out the other day then a full day yesterday, a low group of just five this week but we had a great time of sewing & fellowship just the same ,i was pooped lol a long hot soakie , two aleeves & sleeping in felt sooo good then to lounge in hubbys recliner with popcorn & a dose of the Walton's awww then outside to cut the grass, “see it doesn’t last long” lol! I'm gonna need another hot soakie lol!

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nancy huggins said...

I Love soaking in the tub and will probably sleep in a lot next week and soak in the tub a lot since I will be putting 50 cook books for sale at the book signing. But I do enjoy seeing them all finished and knowing that I accomplished something