Monday, May 14, 2012



Have you ever just had to tell yourself, “just do it” or how about “just do it already!” LOL I’m sure that's what’s being shouted across cyber space with my sewing room but that's another story lol I totally blame “busy” on a lot of things, why just this week already , our church  organist is having back surgery, another one of our sweet members is bad sick ,there’s  a 6oth surprise party for my brother-n-law, sewing those skirts which has peaked the interest of the lady at Hancock's & now wants to see them when we’re done lol,my youngest daughter is helping me finish up mannequin pincushionsmannequin-needle bed    for all of us at church that are sewing each week the little dresses for Africa,  we have over 200 now! which reminds me Wed. morning is sewing day so how many days are left to just do something already? I wouldn’t change my busy life for anything ,if you have to wait to get everything done in your life then you won’t enjoy your life or those things most precious to you, this past weekend was spent working on phase two of the skirt project, cooking out , lots of  laughs ,hugs & kisses from my grand kids & even though this week is filled with “busy” the grass will still get cut, that woman cave will still get finished as I am sure my to do list will continue to grow, no matter what life throws your way, never be too busy to embrace it!

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Shelia said...

You are a busy gal! The little dresses for Africa is a great ministry and that's great y'all have 200 already.
Busy is good though. I have times like this too when I meet myself coming! :)
Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
be a sweetie,
shelia ;)