Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sparkle Dorothy Shoes (Red) ChildDoes your life keep you so busy you have to click your heels together like Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz & say there’s no place like home! there’s no place like home! I wouldn’t take nuttin for my busy life cause that’s just how I roll LOL! take yesterday for example, I strike out to baby girls house, there were around 77 cookies involved! there were cookies all over that kitchen, football jerseys, football helmets,  elephants, the letter “A”cookies, rounds with roll tide, rounds with hounds tooth air brushed on then red A piped on, whew! c05     one good thing about cookie making is some just look like they need to be eaten instead of being added to the group LOL! I have a new respect for iced decorated cookies, it’s not as easy as it looks! you have to be quick & you have to do it right! lol! but today the calendar was clear, yea shocking isn’t it lol! it’s been a wonderful day, just puttering around the house doing  those much need domestics, listening to hubby sleep (he’s on midnights), the day has now came to an end & the house is all quite as I get ready to retire   with the excitement of what God holds for me tomorrow.


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Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Oh, how I like this post! Beautiful!! Also, thank you for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn