Monday, August 27, 2012


have you ever wondered what all can you do with a watermelon besides cut it open & eat it lol! after all these years I decided to think outside the box & do a little search, now I knew about watermelon rind pickles cause hubby eats them when we eat at places that offer them on their buffets
isn’t it amazing how you can find most anything on Pinterest? lol! I decided to give watermelon punch a try, at first taste it tasted like plain ole watermelon juice wasn’t was fine but seriously couldn’t I just drink that from the hull lol! so I added some bottled lemonade turning it into watermelon lemonade which wasn’t half bad, the ice caused it to turn more into  slushy ,will I make it again? probably not,mind you it was good but I’d rather eat the watermelon & drink the lemonade as is lol!


now what to do with those rinds I tried to find a recipe closest to the ingredients of the store bought ones he has in the fridge
& I came very very  close & came up with 3 jars, with the amount of sugar, & the time span of cooking, soaking over night, cooking some more, will I make them again? probably not unless I find a better recipe,but for now he’s got a lot of watermelon rind pickles to eat cause I don’t eat them lol!
they made syrup like they were suppose to & he tasted  it so guess he will like them lol!



Prims and Annies said...

I saw on the Dr Oz show that he used the rind to make smoothies.
I never got a chance to try it...saw the show after watermelon

Kady said...

At least you actually TRIED some of the recipes on Pinterest. I seem to just keep collecting them. I have tried a few things but I never seem to have the time I need to really experiement.

That baby orangatan was darling - well worth the wait.