Wednesday, September 12, 2012


salad01  seems all the rage is salad's in  a jar, it makes it convenient to grab one  on the go, makes a cute idea for individual salads for a  picnic, I think the ideal behind the jar is so it’ll keep longer & be there already thrown together when the salad craving hits you, so we’re about to see what the rage is all about because I just made up twelve lol!


here we have(3)Poppy Seed, (3) Sundried Tomato (3) Thousand Island & (3) Ranch humm if the poppy & ranch get too close together can we tell them apart, awww labels!


how cute is the salads sitting next to the yogurt lol!  salad04

if this idea does good, I’ll get more creative the next go round, these are just basic salads


*shredded carrots


* cucumbers

*shredded cheese

*real bacon,bacon bits


I think we’ll enjoy having a salad on hand when the craving hits , I love  a good salad but don’t always enjoy dragging everything out to make one when I’m tired & hungry at the same time, oh the jars  I used are wide mouth pints,no rhyme or reason they just seemed the perfect size to me

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Deanna said...

Really neat idea!!!