Tuesday, October 9, 2012



aren’t they just the sweetest things? they belonged to the mother of a dear friend of mine, she knows I love antiques  as well as  being sentimental & knowing her mother for  what short time I got to know her makes them even more  special to me just look at the sweet details


are you ready for more sweetness lol! I took some friends to my daughters today when she taught us a whole lot of cake tips , flowers, roses, fondant, icing etc. we even made a monkey lol! he doesn’t have anything to do with this them  we jut decided  to add everything to the cake, well I guess the flower makes him a she lol! 


there’s always sweetness in cookies!
I came across this recipe & made it up & took it with me,  my grand daughters had fun making cookies when they got in from school, speaking of cookies, I tried a new recipe for week two of the  12 weeks of Christmas treats, I think you’ll love it! but you have to wait till Thursday lol!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

You tease!

What cool cakes those are, and those are sweet punch cups. You lucky girl, you!



Shelia said...

Hi Helen! Oh, those are some darling cakes! I love those punch cups and have quite a bit of those myself.
Thank you for your sweet words to me today.
You are a sweetie,
shelia ;)