Monday, March 25, 2013


Fitted Blouse 2013

Have you ever been so close to a finish then boom ,stuff happens lol! well I was on a good roll, doing good, so proud of my first ever princess seams, lol!blouse02

all I had left was sleeves, buttonholes & the collar, sooooo close!


so far so good, I decide I’d try it on, took  a deep breath &pinned it where the buttons would go, the good thing is I’m in it! yea butttt I see some skin showing lol! which means  after the buttons are on they may wantta pop off lol!


so off for more fabric ,I have the new size all cut out & tomorrow I begin again! five days left!no pressure what so ever!LOL!


SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi Helen, I'm glad you won't be defeated. I think you are well on the way to a great blouse with round 2! I've done exactly the same things in my life, so I know how you feel - and with the pressure. It does look lovely otherwise. I've put a blog up on how to insert godets into too tight blouses - you may be able to salvage this one after the contest blouse is safely made -especially as we are going to make our entire wardrobes from April 1.


I have to learn to realize my own clothes !!! I do those for Venice carnival and I don't dare to do mine ! funny isn't it ?
so pleased to be your newest follower and thank you for your sweet comment on my dress form !
xoxo from PARIS

Cezanne said...

Power through,,,, you do give me a lot to think about, I am at the same spot but I have not tried mine on yet. Now I am scared. I will do the same thing tomorrow, I hope I take it as cool as you. I may have a melt down. Love the fabric!

Great job, can't wait for the result

Maurine Huffines said...

I saw your new pillowslip of black and white.. LOL