Saturday, June 29, 2013



what do you do when it’s too wet to work outside? make jelly! lol!


red wild plum & yellow wild plum jelly, I was thrilled to find the yellow plums this year, didn’t it turn out so pretty? love the golden color, there’s still more juice to make more, I thought I was done because I thought I had ran out of sugar so I cleaned everything up & moved on to something else, then turned around & spotted  a bag of sugar we had bought last night lol! no! no! no! I’m done! we’ll think about that later or maybe I’ll give it away lol!

then I proceeded to clean out the fridge, then start prepping fruits & salads, stocking plenty of water


cantaloupe, grilled chicken salads, & traditional with boiled eggs, a prepped fridge makes for a happy fridge & keeps on one track


we are in week three & doing great! I am in a  whole new number bracket on the scales yippee! I can actually see a dent starting to form in my waist  line lol!I’ve lost 5 inches so far!

my new toy(dress form) for the sewing room came today, gotta get her put together & start my project or fourth of July, then it’ll be time to go pick peaches, apples & blueberries whoo hoo!



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Sew Blessed Maw said...

Congrats on loosing the 5 inches.. Dieting , is such a hard thing. Me and hubby are dieting
Your jellies look so pretty. I started my 14 day sweet pickles today. And put up some squash, from the garden..
I agree, its been a full day..