Thursday, September 12, 2013



these past three weeks has been a canning ,baking, jelly making, new recipe testing & lets don’t forget all that peach, pear & apple peeling, wading through the briers to get to the wild black berries, keeping eyes peeled for snakes as we wade through plum thickets lol! so there you have it! pears, pear fried pie filling, peaches, pickled peaches, peach jam, peach fried pie filling, salsa, blackberries ,apple pie filling , apple fried pie filling,apple butter,wild plum jelly, yellow plum jelly,there are pear pies & pear walnut muffins in the freezer

I could hear the buzz of the sewing machine when someone mentioned more pears? sweet potatoes? say it’s not so lol!did you know according to the calendar there’s only nine more days of summer? The high temps doesn’t  say Fall but it’s a coming! what plans do you have for the last few weeks of Summer? I plan on finishing up on a few things like

I’m working on something  that I believe will work for both of these challenges, two birds with one stone lol! There's’ a few more Summer items I want to do to add towards

Join the Challenge-Sew Your Own Wardrobe for A Year

as we move into Fall sewing, the twelve weeks of Christmas treats will start in a few weeks, this is where you share Christmas recipes & meet lots of wonderful ladies who also will be sharing great recipes, I look forward to this every year!

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Danice said...

Canning reminds me of my daddy. he loved canning pear preserves, and many people around would want them :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I am so impressed with your canning!!! I have never canned a thing, but I know it must taste wonderful and be so healthy!