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Join the Challenge-Sew Your Own Wardrobe for A Year

Sewing seems simple, doesn’t it, they say if you can sew  a straight line that you can sew  anything, good thing for rotary cutters & rulers, right? lol! I came across this sewing book at an Antique mall, thinking it’d be so cute on display in the sewing room


there’s a chapter on sewing terms which made me laugh as I recalled when I first seen terms like TNT, OOP  & Muslin pop up

TNT PATTERNS: this popped up a lot & I gotta tell ya, I thought what is a TNT pattern, humm we have a cable channel with those letters lol! & yes I goggled it! lol! tried & true patterns, one you love to use over & over again, a duh! moment lol!

OOP PATTERNS : I pretty much figured this one out after  looked up a a pattern & it said not available OOP, there was those letters again , humm not available OOP gotta mean out of print, yea I goggled to confirm my findings lol!

don’t you just love the vintage pictures?


can you think of any duh! moments aww come on now I know I'm not the only one lol!my favorite duh! moment was when I seen where a lot were saying they made a muslin of their pattern, hummm now I knew that I knew what muslin was, I use it all the time for my dolls


my first thought was welll I could make something outta the muslin & it wouldn’t be a total loss cause I could still cut it up & make dolls with it, I KIDYOU NOT!lol !lol! then I seen pictures starting to be posted, with words like ,this is my muslin, humm looks like fabric to me I thought

but before I have that duh moment I watch for more post & there it was again muslin”ok so they are not using muslin as I know it! lol! yea I have since learned that “make a muslin first” means the use of an old sheet, a cheaper fabric before cutting up really expensive fabric

speaking of fabric,

(online image)

Animal Sorbet Fat Quarter Bundle Michael Miller Fabrics

let me set the scene for you, I’m in JoAnn’s, a friend knows I went there, the friend calls & ask me to look around to see if they have sorbet on sale , now I will admit I’d never heard this as a fabric term but seeing's I was in a fabric shop common sense said it has to be  some type of fabric , Helen do you know what sorbet is? I am busting lol! as I say of course I know what sorbet is I use it for punch all the time! lol!finally I have to admit I don’t know what that is lol

(Pinterest image)

Dreamsicle Orange Punch 1 quart Orange Sherbet  2 Liters of Sprite  Pour 1 liter of sprite into a large punch bowl.   To soften the Sherbet straight from the freezer, stick the carton (without the top on) into the microwave.   Heat the Sherbet in 30 second intervals until you can scoop the sorbet into the punch bowl.   Add the second liter of Sprite and stir!  Orange Punch!

after I maintain myself as if that wasn’t enough for fabric lessons she then proceeds to ask about the sateen & adds & no I’m not saying satin! there is a difference, we still laugh about the sorbet & the sateen!yes there’s way more to sewing than just straight lines lol!

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Maurine Huffines said...

What a good laugh I had at your post.
Of course you don't know whatt sorbet is ( nor do I )
There is more to sewing than being able to sew a straight seam... much more.. think of all the doll patterns we have sewed..
Straight seam... more than that..
Bit cam O still sew a straight seam... I doubt it.. LOL