Friday, January 24, 2014



lol! this is what I told my friend when I spent the day with her & another friend yesterday while they gave me lots of refresher courses in sewing, lining in the sleeves, collar & hemming & this baby will be finished! did I say lining? the fabric is a soft like leather in rich chocolate, black & grey, I told her I wasn't’ going to line it & she  said oh yes you are! well you can see who’s winning that argument lol!

speaking of arguments  she pulled out a pattern, cute as can be with  a swishy bottom, yea that’s a real word lol! I looked & said awwww I don’t do zippers I was thinking maxi skirt, she said aww no you will do a zipper & you will line it too  oh mercy talk about crash course after 30 years of not sewing lol! brown, side zipper, swishy bottom, we might be singing roll out the barrel next week lol!


speaking of crash courses , there was lots of measuring, & I gotta tell you I didn’t like looking at those numbers & knowing what numbers  was on my retail cloths , I mean if you can buy a  14 but have to cut on that16 or even that 18 line well it took a while to get past that & stop arguing with them  that my retail cloths are not that size lol!so I took a deep breath & said ok no matter what that line says in my mind it’s a 14 ha ha!


  how to measure the width of the pattern according to your measurements, how to cut, separate, add tissue paper to extend a pattern that’s too short, they laughed so much at me trying to watch, write, listen. do all at the same time , I said I needed to video  so I could go back & review


Faye Lewis said...

You are so right, some sewing projects can actually be REAL work. But it ultimately pays off. What a lovely jacket. Love it!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Oh what fun it must have been, to have sewing classes with your friends.. I can just hear the I so understand your feeling about the RTW sizing in comparsion to the measurements on patterns.. Eeeh..not
Best wishes on your jacket.Can't wait to see it.. Happy sewing..

Sarah Liz said...

See, you CAN do it :). What a great day - just keep going:)