Thursday, May 1, 2014



do you only buy fabric for that project you’re about to embark upon in the moment? does it call you because it’s pretty, just gotta have it & will ponder  what to do with it later? is there fabric in your sewing room that you’d have to confess  just how long you’ve been pondering? I’m guilty of a lot of pondering lol!


these bright happy corals & yellows  called me  two years ago lol! I still love it but not quite sure about it now


in desperation of finding the perfect cherry print for my pattern,


I came across this cherry print, the other two, welllll it was on sale lol!


it’s not what I had in mind but it was on the clearance table & it seemed to be calling me, it’s more of a  silky texture, not what I had envision for my dress, so why did I buy it? desperation? lol! has anyone bought fabric on line? cause I love love love this! but then would I ?


fabric attacks are not my fault, it’s just that the fabric store is in the wrong place lol! I have to pass it on the way to town & on the way back, it’s there when I visit family, go to the DR. go to the Mall, go to the grocery store,coming home last night I seen the fabric truck in the parking lot ohhhh can you imagine all the new fabrics, it’s a good thing I’m still in my PJ’s lol!

but I have good news!


I’m going to ok “try to” restrain & stay in my sewing room theses next two days & do some catching up so if anybody ask you this is where I’ll be lol!


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Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Enjoyed your post.. I am GUILTY...Yes, I love fabric and buy it ----Just because!! I reason with myself,
1- this fabric is on sale, gotta buy it..
2-this fabric is so pretty, it will be gone, and I will never see it again
3-this fabric.. I"need" it, for such and such
4- this fabric.. I saw on some one's blog, and I loved it..

But, oh how I love fabric..
bty-- I have a cherry fabric, vintage dress cut out right now... [and your other post made me do it.hahhaha] And I am still really wanting this one that you bought.The green is SO pretty.. I am trying to refrain..We will see.
Have a happy sewing time..